The Craft of Lighting and The Light and Dark of L.E.D: A Conversation with Nigel Levings about Lighting Design

Tony Award winning, Australian Lighting Designer Nigel Levings, with over 500 productions under his belt and two shows at this year’s fringe, (The Aspirations of Daise Morrow and The Spinners), offers practical reflections on the essential differences between tradional incandescent and L.E.D lighting, and how getting your lighting design right and adapting it to fringe venues that are often not ideal is key to artistic success.

This interview with Paul Levy will be challenging and essential listening for both fringe newbies and fringe veterans. Recorded on the train up to Edinburgh from London, we also had tickets checked and the input of the train announcer just to spice things up!


Listen to our interview with Nigel Levings about Lighting Design