Creating a Dance Piece that is Simple and Complex: Jo Tomalin talks to Chiara Bersani about her new show Seeking Unicorns

Creating a dance piece that is simple and complex at the same time is an interesting concept. Jo Tomalin talks to Chiara Bersani, an italian dancer and choreographer, with a disability, about her career and new solo show Seeking Unicorns.

A fragile and abandoned symbol is made manifest by an extraordinary artist. The unicorn is a creature without homeland and history, has been abused and misrepresented by mankind and deprived of a voice. Bersani now aims to heal their unique grievances by giving them a love, a story and a choice. ‘I, Chiara Bersani, 98 cm tall, embody the flesh, muscles and bones of the unicorn. I, Chiara Bersani, 32 years old, I’ll take the responsibility of embracing and illuminating its long-distorted identity.‘”

Listen to our interview with Chiara Bersani about Seeking Unicorns

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