How Youth Theatre in Wales Led to Training with Philippe Gaulier: Jo Tomalin talks to Ryan Lane about his early interest in theatre and new solo show Ryan Lane Will Be There Now in a Minute

Growing up in a small town in Wales, Youth Theatre offered an introduction to acting. Jo Tomalin talks to Ryan Lane about how this interest grew, led to training with Philippe Gaulier, and how he found inspiration to create and perform his new solo show Ryan Lane Will Be There Now in a Minute.

A show for anyone with a complex relationship to home. Ryan Lane’s playful, inventive and intimate storytelling piece explores coming out, leaving Wales and then wanting to come home again. Think À Bout de Souffle in Aberystwyth meets This Country and Clueless. Ryan’s a graduate of Soho Theatre Young Company. This show’s made with help from friends, family and 29 years of Welsh self-hatred.

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