The Silent Clown, Chaplin and A Goofy Testament to the Power of a Childlike Imagination: Paul Levy talks to Alex Curtis about (Chalk) A SIlent Comedy








Paul Levy talks to Alex Curtis about (Chalk) A Silent Comedy.

“If everything you drew became real, where would your imagination take you? A charismatic clown discovers magic chalk that makes everything he draws come to life in this fantastical one-man show guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. Chalk is a goofy testament to the power of a childlike imagination, and a moving exploration of the adult search for romantic love and connection. With a perfect mix of play and pathos, Chalk is a whimsical romp guaranteed to draw you in.”

Listen to our interview with Alex Curtis about (Chalk) A Silent Comedy

CHALK trailer from Alex Curtis on Vimeo.

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