Cinematic Shadow Puppetry: Jo Tomalin talks with Sarah Fornace about Manual Cinema’s latest show Frankenstein


Manual Cinema performs Frankenstein as part of Cal Performances at Home, streaming premiere Thursday, October 29 at 7pm PDT; Performance will be available on demand until January 27th, 2021. Pictured left: Sarah Fornace (credit: Drew Dir). Pictured right: Creature and Victor.
Sarah Fornace is one of the five Co Artistic-Directors of Chicago’s Manual Cinema and is also a performer in their latest show, Frankenstein. She talks to Jo Tomalin about adapting Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the intricacies of creating the cinematic shadow puppetry of Frankenstein, performed by four musicians and an all female acting ensemble of five puppeteer actors. Manual Cinema shows tour and regularly play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as in other countries. Due to the pandemic, Manual Cinema have adjusted their schedules and shows for streaming and are continuing to create new work.