Theatremaker Sarah-Louise Young talks to Kate Saffin about her 17th Fringe, 40th production and 1st autobiographical show

Sarah-Louise Young is a theatre maker with 26 years’ experience at her 17th Fringe with her 40th production and the 13th show she has created. Which is nicely serendipitous because it’s also the first show she has made telling a very personal story.

We found what we thought would be a quiet corner of Summerhall… turned out we were just a little too close to one of the loos with a banging door and a noisy hand dryer. I’ve done my best to prune out the worst of the bangs, thumps and background jet engine drying hands but I didn’t want to lose any of Sarah-Louise’s wonderful contribution so just think of it as Fringe Atmosphere!

As well as the two shows she is performing in and the one she is directing (all the links are below) she is also supporting solo performers with a weekly Midsummer Meet up on Wednesday mornings in the Meadow. Meeting up during the fringe is valuable but we agreed that help needs to be available much sooner and she shared that she is already thinking of doing a series of 2-3 online sessions from about October to help anyone planning to bring a show next year.

Edfringe 2022 shows

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