Creating site-based, immersive, multi-sensory theatre: Jo Tomalin talks to Erin B. Mee, Artistic Director of This Is Not A Theatre Company (USA) and Director of TREE CONFESSIONS.

Photo credit: Erin B. Mee

Erin B. Mee talks to Jo Tomalin about directing theatre in innovative spaces and her latest digital show, Tree Confessions, written by Jenny Lyn Bader. Tree Confessional is a digital audio play, site-specific and self-scheduled, presented on demand through the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2023, January 4-15.

“While it is obvious that we need to end our dependence on fossil fuels and plastic to save our planet, we also need to change the way we relate to the natural world: instead of seeing nature as something to conquer, to control, to subjugate, what if we thought about other species as friends and neighbours? We already do this with pets. Why can’t we think of trees as our friends? Why can’t we have a conversation with them? Trees do communicate. We hope that Tree Confessions will contribute to the conversation on the environment by giving us an opportunity to see the world from the perspective of a tree, and allowing us to empathise with a plant species.”

Erin generously offered Fringe Review listeners a digital experience of one of her audio plays, the Dance of Chocolate – Autumn Dance, an interactive site-specific dance with the following directions: Listeners need to get a piece of chocolate (or cough drop, something they can roll around on the tongue, and something that will melt) and press play on this link:

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