Tasty Monster Productions

Luke and Heather are Co-Founding Artistic Directors of Tasty Monster Productions - theatre makers of much acclaim. Founded in 2011, Tasty Monster Productions is a vibrant and exciting enterprise which brings together some of the best new talent in the United States and the United Kingdom. Working with veteran artists and educators, our mission is to produce cutting edge theatrical and musical works for new audiences and instil an appreciation and love of theatre to audiences of all ages nationwide. Incorporating multimedia, music, theatre, and technology, Tasty Monster brings exciting new and re-envisioned works to a broad audience. Husband and wife team Luke and Heather bring to Tasty Monster Productions over 40 years of experience in theatre, music, performance, arts education and arts advocacy. Both have worked extensively in the United States, the United Kingdom, and across Europe, in classical works, children’s theatre, outdoor drama, and musical theatre, as well as film, television and radio. Find out more at www.tastymonsterproductions.com!