Barefoot through the Fringe – with Karin Schmid

For me walking barefoot is like taking the first step over and over again. You never know what will happen. There might be joy, there might be pain. This is how I feel about the Fringe. There are a lot of first steps for me. First solo show, first time touring internationally, first time EdFringe, first time writing a blog. So each day I take one step at the time and by writing this blog, I attempt to share some of my experiences along the way.

I am from Austria. So English is not my first language. But I will do my best to express myself clearly. I am an Actress. I also write my own plays, produce them and perform them. At the moment I am about to bring my one-woman-show TABOO to Edinburgh Festival Fringe and this already feels like a crazy ride, although I have not even arrived in the city yet.

TABOO is historically researched, based on a true story and real life character Käthe Petersen. She was a social worker who fought for the morale of women during WWII and beyond. She persecuted and re-socialized ‘fallen women’ by means of observation, forced examinations, commitment, sterilization and labor. It addresses topics like human rights and gender inequality. Due to Nora Dirisamers´ directing the evening has a satirical sharpening and does not drown in dismay. Seemingly fleet-footed, advertisement recordings from the 50s invite the audience to reflect on stereotypical female clichés.

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