TABOO – a solo show not so solo

So, it has begun. First performances and previews have started. The audience is still seemingly shy. Last minute flyering to get some bums on seats. Everything is super exciting. First Launch Party invitations, and meeting people. Lots of people. And everyone has a flyer to hand out. So, no. I am not alone. I am one of many – although the only Austrian with a theatre show at EdFringe. (There is one gentleman from Austria with his Cello on Fire – classical and contemporary music – and I am very motivated to see him.)  Actually I am motivated to see a lot of shows. Mostly at Sweet Venues – to support my venue colleagues. Every audience member counts. And sometimes one makes the difference between a rehearsal and a performance. I have never ever experienced the fight for audience members as harshly has here. As an independent artist I am not really used to luxury. But there is a difference between performing at home and performing at the Fringe. Here – nobody knows you. You start at zero along with thousands of others. And in all that mass, it is easy to feel alone – especially when you are trying to handle everything by yourself: preparations, PR, marketing, producing, writing, performing, costumes, make-up. It is easy to forget, that there were a lot of people who helped along the way and made it possible for me to be here.

It feels to me, this is a good moment to thank some people. Starting with Nora Dirisamer, who directed TABOO and generously gave her ideas and added many layers to the play when it was first performed in German. Sewal for being the best tech-support and audio-artist ever and Sam for being such a patient translator, his voice-work for the commercial-recordings and for coaching me in my rehearsals for the Fringe. Thank you Reinhard Zach for an exciting trailer and Reinhard Winkler for my first show-pix. A heart felt thank you to the colleagues and friends who watched and feedbacked final rehearsals. And my friends in London who traveled to Brighton Fringe to support me by watching my show and gave me the courage to take the leap into the EdFringe. And of course I want to thank my family, for being so patient and understanding.

It can feel lonely to do a solo show. But there have always been helping hands and friendly ears along the way – and there still are. So thank you to everyone who contributed to this show and to everyone who is about to do so here at EdFringe and in the future!


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