Mrs FringeReview blogs Day 2: The Landing

Day 2 – Saturday 10th August 

It felt really odd being in sunny and mild weathered Edinburgh today; that uneasy climate catastrophe sort of feeling haunted me as I walked around feeling unnerved by local pale skinned Scots blinking bewildered in the sunshine.

And then thankfully it rained. Even some thunder and lightening rattled the sky And as we dashed to our next show we breathed the familiar fresh air and had fun with the umbrella eye gouging dodging on the pavement game.

I have seen just four shows today, from youth theatre to dark comic mime to motherhood on ropes and definitely not any girl performers who are lovely. It’s not been quite a soft landing but I have arrived. I love the ritual of collecting my lanyard and press pass from Fringe Central and meeting up with familiar faces. I ate lunch from a food truck in the afternoon warmth and moaned happily about the over priced small portions remembering why I only ever get food from the trucks once. Ok maybe twice.

Despite my ambitious plans to be organised and on top of my deadlines this year, the performances always unravel me a bit and leave me thinking and pondering before I put fingertip to keyboard. But I have 6 shows to see tomorrow so I know I need to focus.

The Saturday night revelry is loud all around and the fireworks will begin soon. I am tempted to head out again and join the night wave of stand up comedy and late night fringe performances but self-care is my priority so just Bill Bryson and Redbush tea tonight.

Edinburgh we landed; it was a bit bumpy but all is well. Looking forward to diving in more fully tomorrow.