Award season is rife for most of the arts and we have BAFTA things going on the TV. It’s exciting for people and not to be outdone, Scottish theatre have their own awards night and ceremony for the “best” in Scottish theatre coming up soon.

I have best in italics for a simple reason. The people who are on the panel are fantastic people. They get to see a lot of theatre and I am sure the vast majority of performances that have happened on Scotland have been seen by at least one, if not two, of them. But can they be sure that they have seen everything?

Of course, I am pretty sure that they have the best in their lists. I wouldn’t know. I like to have seen things that are NOT on their lists. I wear this like a badge of honour.

You will not find many of the nominees in a FringeReview Scotland review.

Each year I scan the list from the Critics Awards for theatre in Scotland (CATS) and hope that I have missed out, that I have not one or any nominated as we exist and seek those that will not get reviewed by the mainstream.

The word fringe is another badge of honour. I am not looking for the fully fledged but for the fledgling.

Having said that, I do get a wee thrill if there is something which I have seen in the list. This year there are three.

I suppose going to see a few more mainstream shows in the year makes it more likely so when Jessica Hardwick got a nod for best female performance for Roxanne and The Dark Carnival got a nomination for Best Design, I was kinda thrilled. Loved both.

But the one that caught me out my reverie was Nests by Frozen Charlotte and Stadium Rock. Nominated in the best production for children and young people it has stiff competition, but the nomination is great.

This was a piece about the relationship between a dad who is sleeping rough and a young person who is on the run. Mixed in with alcohol and the care system, it was a heady mix and a great piece of text and theatre.

I am rooting for it to win through.

Of course, I could up my theatrical presence and apply to join the judging panel. Given the year that I have had there is at least one on the panel that might not see me as a positive option!

They might say “fat chance” … But then again, my lapel is getting crowded…