Joe’s comedy picks for Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Now that Edinburgh Fringe is back, here are some of my comedy highlights. My apologies for the length of the list, there is so much good stuff to see!

I haven’t posted show links; if you’re reading this, you will already know where to find them. The shows are in no particular order.

Paul Currie – The Chorus of Ghosts… It’s fair to say that you never know what you will get with a Paul Currie show, which is part of his appeal. I reviewed his 2019 show, Trufficle Musk. Paul has the unique ability to not only make an audience laugh but also to change the way they feel. He is highly recommended.

John Robins He’s doing a month of Work in Progress shows. Sometimes people can be reluctant to see WiP; I love them. They tend to be excellent value for money. John’s work is a masterclass in stand-up comedy. What struck me about his 2019 show, Hot Shame, was that there didn’t seem to be a wasted word in the whole piece.

Nathan Cassidy – Observational. I first saw Nathan at this year’s Brighton Fringe; see the review here. An excellent comic, with a very original show and a stunning finish. He’s one comic that may have slipped under your radar, don’t hesitate to put him on it

Helen Bauer – Madam Good Tit. As you go around the comedy world, like the music scene, names of up-and-coming acts filter through. In Helen’s case, they come at you like a runaway steam train. It won’t be long before she becomes very expensive to see.

Nik Coppin and his band of Shaggers – What can I say about Shaggers that I didn’t say here? This is a cracking way to finish off a day at the fringe. Imagine what you get if you let a bunch of comics loose to talk about love, sex, and relationships, it’s Shaggers. TBF, there is not a lot about love. There is a reason this show has been playing fringes for 12 years

Foil, Arms and Hog – Hogwash. One of the best sketch comedy groups you’ll see. A massive hit online, sell-outs at fringe year on year, and one of the most recommended shows on the comedy circuit. You won’t be disappointed.

JoJo Sutherland – Growing Old Disgracefully. A Scottish comedy legend. I could watch JoJo for hours; funny, cutting, honest, sarcastic, rude, and very Scottish. She is a treat

Liam Withnail – Hot Sauce. Winner of the Amused Moose Outstanding Show Award in 2019. He blew the room apart when I saw him in 2019. Top material and top delivery. Another one on the rise to stardom.

Simon Evans – His Big Ideas. You don’t have to be young to be a brilliant stand-up. Check out his CV. His 2019 show was brilliant, and the twist was a gem. Here is my review of it. Simon is quality and class in everything he does.

Jessica Fostekew – Wench. Actress, panelist, and stand-up, Jessica is the real deal. Hench was magnificent; read the review here. I’d expect Wench to be every bit as good, if not better.

Ian Stone – Righter of Wrongs. Ian is not a recent fringe regular, and he is a comedian that deserves far greater recognition than he gets. One of only four comedians to make me cry with laughter and the only one to do it twice.

Ed Gamble – Electric. I was surprised how much better Ed is live, than on TV. Yes, a big name with a premium price but worth it.

Craig Hill – I Always Knew I Had it in Me. Another Scottish institution, and the King of Innuendo. He bases his show on audience interaction, and he is a master. It is rude, fast, funny, and creates a party atmosphere. Here is my review of Bottoms Up!

Jordan Brookes – This is Just What Happens. I have a habit of asking comics who they would go and see, and Dan Antopolski suggested Jordan. Without any preconceptions, I reviewed his 2019 show. His anarchic mayhem struck a cord. I’m not convinced he knows what he will say or do next; this gives his performance energy. BTW, when Jordan noticed I was reviewing the show, he picked on me for the remainder of the time and asked me to include a sketch; I did.

Emanuel Sonubi – Emancipated. Quickly rose up the comedy ranks following a stunning Live at The Apollo performance. Definitely, one to watch.

Dave Chawner – Underdog. Smooth, accomplished, clever and engaging, what’s not to like? Critically acclaimed, with a long list of Radio and TV credits, this affable, charming, and positive comedian is a top treat.  

Frankie Boyle – Lap of Shame. Frankie needs no introduction..

Tudur Owen – Alive Huw. A few years ago, I spent an enjoyable evening with Tudur, drinking far too much, far too quickly. At the end of the evening, I discovered he was a stand-up, and the following day, I went to see his show. He’s clever, articulate, and accomplished, and his particular brand of dour Welsh charm is engaging. Prepare to be surprised.

Grant Buse – Sentimental. I reviewed Grant’s show a couple of years ago. He is incredibly an incredibly talented performer. Packed with energy and laugh-out-loud musical comedy, this is a great way to spend an hour.

Henning Wehn – It’ll All Come Out In The Wash. Billed as Germany’s comedy ambassador, Henning’s material is clever, sophisticated, and delivered with trademark German efficiency. One of the more prominent names on the list.

Here is to a brilliantly funny Fringe!