My 10th Year at the ‘Fringe Festival’

An early morning briefing before the fun starts

Each August in Edinburgh over the last 10 years I have had a wonderful time here in Edinburgh. Since 2009, when I came here in support of a ground-breaking show, ‘The Strong Breast Revolution’.

Not quite knowing what I was going to find I dived in to the madness of the Royal Mile. I tried to engage people with the flyers; helped out with the front of house at the venue; saw a few shows and made some friends.

However, what really swung it for  me and ensured that I came back each year, was meeting the fascinating whirlwind “Lynn Ruth Miller” on my last night. She asked me make a record of her show with my video camera and I have been caught up with her ever since.

In the following posts you will find the images of some Shows and Press launches. Just click on the featured image and that will take you to the gallery.

If you would like me to photograph your show or other event get in touch.

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