Images from the Fringe 2023

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Show Pictures

Clearing the Backlog

I can’t really believe how quickly the last couple of weeks have gone by as I sit at my computer updating picture galleries, reviewing and sorting photographs to upload.

As you may suspect I’m drawn to visually interesting shows and I feel lucky to have seen some great shows when taking photographs. So it may seem churlish to resent the many hours that it takes to produce the final pictures for publication. Happy as I am to have received some very nice comments on the pictures both here and on my site at

I have a few more shows to photograph over the next few days before I leave Edinburgh on Thursday morning. Meanwhile here are a few more pictures for you to view.

Breaking the Chains
Lear Alone
Crap Ballet
Sherlock Holmes The Last Act
The Good Dad
The Birth of Frankenstein

Week Two – hectic activity everywhere

Managing to catch a number of launch shows I’ve been busy reviewing the photographs which I’ve taken. The many requests to photograph shows are being dealt with.

I’ve updated Ardquoy with the latest batch of galleries which I’ll add to as each batch has been reviewed.

The variety of shows I’ve photographed have been interesting both visually and content wise. The picture alongside is from ‘The Mitfords’ currently at ‘theSpaceUK’ at Surgeons Hall.

More show photographs coming soon

The Mitfords

The Launch Shows have been and gone, I managed to catch many of them and after many hours of going through the photographs. Here is the first batch – ‘theSpaceUK’ – ‘Greenside’ – ‘CArts’

Greenside Photo Gallery


The First Wednesday

A wet morning in Edinburgh three Launch shows so I’ll be out of the rain.

  • Greenside
  • Underbelly
  • Assembly

I’ve made sure all my equipment is in working order, batteries charged, memory cards cleared and storage media formatted. All thing should now be ready to capture the atmosphere and fun of the fringe again this year.

Leaving home early hours of Tuesday 1st so scheduled to arrive around lunchtime.

Three launch shows booked and in the calendar, things coming together. Reviewers meeting on-line last week for an update and to compare arrival dates. Good to hear some of us will be arriving Monday 31st and Tuesday 1st.

One Week to Go

June is here – 2 months to go and preparation is well under way – and gone.
Arriving August 1st – leaving on the 23rd
  • Accomodation – booked
  • Media Accreditation – application approved
  • Equipment – being checked
  • Excitement – rising