In the mouth of the Lyon

We’ve just returned from Lyon where we performed our very first Brexit show of the season. October in Lyon feels more like springtime than fall. Sunshine, 24 degrees outside, such a delightful place to be. This time we have with us Fabrizia, who is starting up this month as an administrative trainee. She came along to watch the show and learn all aspects of it. Eventually, she will have to watch all of our productions. She is bilingual French-Italian and it felt just right to have her coming with us to France as a starter.

It’s now 11 pm and I feel like collapsing in bed. However, before I lose consciousness I will duly fill out my Captain’s Kirk log. Performing in France brings up all the memories we had from Avignon. If we are here we really own it to town of the two popes.

It was our blue ocean.

By the way… how blue is your ocean?

If you are unaware of the meaning of this term you may want to stay tuned to this blog for the next post.

Meanwhile here’s a couple of pictures from today as we’re clearing up the stage. Not only we performed in one of the biggest schools in France (about 3500 students) but we’ve been told it was the very first time they ever hosted a theatre show.

We put our heads in the mouth of the Lyon… and somehow managed to return in one piece.

Clearing up the stage in Lyon,
With Beata and Dauphine. Teachers at the SEPR, Lyon