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Brighton’s only open air theatre has a rich and diverse year-round programme and that programme has bloomed at this year’s Brighton Fringe. With plenty on offer across the genres and for all age groups, we are delighted to be covering B..O.A.T this year.

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Audio Interview: Paul Levy talks to Anne-Marie Williams and Lisa Wolfe about BOAT’s 2018 Fringe Programme

I want to see… at B.O.A.T

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I want to see…

…Dad’s Army. Then see Dad’s Army Radio Hour

… some Shakespeare -play of soaring poetry, high comedy and tender love. Then see The Lord Chamberlain’s Men in The Tempest

… poetic lyrics, tightly interwoven with The Doors’ unmistakable virtuosic organ melodies, gritty guitar riffs and hypnotic bass lines. Then see The Doors on Fire

…A children’s show based on a David Walliams book. Then see The Midnight Gang

…  an hour-long play that explores the military political agenda and its ramifications, in an emotional and tension-packed production. Then see Coldstream – Critical Threat

… Brighton’s trashiest rockabilly/garage band The Hillmans, plus very special guests The Ramonas, the UK’s all-female tribute to the iconic New York punk rock band Ramones, who also write their own songs and have been releasing material themselves since 2016. Then see Punk’s Picnic


Paul Levy talks to James Weisz about The Adventures of Robin Hood






Paul Levy talks to James Weisz about The Adventures of Robin Hood. James brings musical theatre to the stage with success, heart and by combining adult and youth actors to create classic, ensemble work. In this interview he tells us about The Adventures of Robin Hood and the joy of staging productions at the Brighton Open Air Theatre.

“Prepare your family for a thrilling adventure as Robin and his merry band whisk you to Sherwood forest and rise up against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham! Expect boo-able villains, thigh-slapping songs, narrow escapes and daring escapades! Bring a picnic and enjoy a unique outdoor adventure!”

Paul Levy talks to James Weisz about The Adventures of Robin Hood

We’ll be adding more recommendations, previews, news and interviews in the run up to, and during the Fringe.