How do I get EFFing Reviewed?!

There is a question that hangs over the head of every Edinburgh Fringe participant… how the EFF do I get reviewed?! Well, our friend and Edinburgh Fringe guru, Paul Levy, held a workshop at the Imagination Workshop hub on exactly this. Paul Levy – a writer, theatre maker and reviewer – founded this very website, […]

We’re EFFing open!

Well… we did it! We’re officially open. Edinburgh Fringe is on its way and we’ve begun our first ever Fringe as the Imagination Workshop (IW) hub. IW, like all hubs around Edinburgh, has opened its doors now our tech rehearsals are done and our rooms are set up and ready. As of 1 August we […]

Luth Wolff is the wonderful creator and performer in Big Tops & Tiny Tots – a silly circus adventure for ages 3-7. Imagination Workshop is delighted to have her performing at our hub this year. We know Luth has had some experience with moulding and adapting her work to new and different (and sometimes unaccommodating) […]

Lloyd Evans is the extremely talented writer responsible for a new Edinburgh Fringe show: Cherie – My Struggle, playing at the V119 Imagination Workshop hub this year. We asked Lloyd if he would be willing to write a few lines about how he came up with the show, and why the Imagination Workshop hub worked […]

The EFFing shows

We know we said a little while ago that 12 was the perfect number of shows for our new hub… but then we went ahead and added three more! So now our classy hotel hub is hosting 15 wildly diverse shows all curated by Interactive Theatre International (ITI). Three of those shows are also ITI […]

So you’ve got your show registered with Edinburgh Fringe, and you’ve got a contract with a venue. What’s next? It’s time to start shifting some tickets! The first thing you’ll need to sort out is your brand. Why the EFF would anyone come to a show if it doesn’t look or sound appealing? It’s not […]

Running an EFFing production company

Stephen Fry. Jo Brand. Rowan Atkinson. Eddie Izzard. Flight of the Conchords. Taskmaster. Fleabag… so many household names…. Edinburgh Festival Fringe curates optimists – could I become that household name, win a TV pilot, go on tour, or secure a spot on the West End from performing in the sprawling cacophony of Fringe? It’s a […]

Pulling Together an EFFing Hub

I think it’s always best to start at the beginning… and developing a new hub has been a real learning curve. So I was thinking on what might bring you, dear reader, to the perfect jumping-off spot, and thought to use our experiences as a real-life example for you – our reasons behind having a […]

I guess hello is always good to lead with.   So. Hello. I’ll start with my name… I’m Caitlin. You can call me your Tour Guide or Blog Facilitator (imagine me in a safari jacket and one of those cream hard-hats tour guides always wear). It’s my job to keep you up-to-date on our latest […]

Guest Blog: How we EFF…ing do it!

        Imagination Workshop are creating an entirely new performance venue at the Edinburgh Fringe. They bring their own work as well as theatre and performance from all over the world. Located in the New Town, they share their journey – the challenges and the joys of building a brand new space.