Two ‘Theatre Geeks’ Find Therapy In A Struggling Life

Around 80% of The Struggling Life of an Artist is based on the real-life experiences of its creators Xiomara Meyer and Tamalynne Grant. The Fringe show presented by the two self-confessed “theatre geeks”  really struck a chord with audiences. In telling the story of an actress told to “sex up” to land her dream part, and a […]

Susie’s S.U.R.F to Emotional Freedom

Actors can face a tough time on many fronts including the emotional baggage they accumulate over many years in which they have to please directors and audiences – and become so many different characters. Miami actor Susie K Taylor believes that this can have a hugely negative impact on someone’s wellbeing. As a result she […]

Fringe brings opportunity for young black Americans

Being a young, black, working class Americans from Brooklyn like Paul Gee and Najee Brown doesn’t confer many advantages – especially if you want a career in theatre or on screen. Yet, partly thanks to the Fringe, both have been able to demonstrate the scale and variety of their talents. The critical success they had […]

Two Hearts – Prime Kiwi Pop Parody

The idea of a Two Hearts comeback tour is delightful – they never went away. The act won a lot of fans in Edinburgh last year and now the New Zealand comedy duo, Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore, have returned to continue poking fun at the staples of the pop industry. Their Fringe show is a […]

One of the most powerful moments in Henry Box Brown is when a Southern preacher proclaims the equality of all human beings to his slave-owning congregation. The story is a true one from mid-19thcentury America, where the Virginia slave Henry Brown was helped by people of all races in his escape to freedom. The Rev […]

All Bow (Wow) To Biscuit The Canine Flyering Genius

Anyobe who has been through the thankless, mind numbing and utterly essential process of flyering to promote their Fringe show will bow (wow) down in admiration to these guys. As we all know the key to success is to engage with passers by, get them talking, find a way to stick in their minds. Holding […]

Jewbana – Culture Clash, Exile and Discovery

“An actress and Jewish … this isn’t what Jesus and me discussed for my Steven” – it’s a shriek of cultural pain from a Miami Cuban Christian woman when she discovers her son plans to wed outside the fold. Susie K. Taylor’s Jewbana has just opened at The Space @ Venue 45 and takes us into […]

Paul’s Journey Into Sexy Circus Down Under

Paul Westbrook was raised in Harrow, achieved an MA Classical Acting at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama – then ran away to the circus. Not just any old circus, but a sexy one from Down Under. And now he’s back as one of the six-strong company of performers in Rouge, a gorgeously […]

Long March to the Edinburgh Fringe

Just as remarkable as many of the shows at the Edinburgh Fringe are the remarkable array of inspirations that lie behind them. This Saturday around 20 elementary school children from China will appear on stage for one performance only of a musical revue called Triplex Adventures. It tells the story of Chao a spoilt schoolboy […]