Mrs Fringereview Blogs: It’s Not The Critic Who Counts

Blog Post: It’s Not the Critic Who Counts  There is a piece of Art work, more specifically a set of four pieces of embroided richly coloured and strikingly large scale Art in The National Art Gallery in Edinburgh by Phoebe Traquair called The Progress of a Soul. Each one with it’s own title; The Entrance, […]

Mrs Fringereview Blogs day 5: All Change

Mrs Fringereview Blogs day 5: All Change  I have only been here in edinburgh for four days and already I am feeling the tiredness hit me – and I’m not even putting on a show. You know when you have seen a lot of the Fringe when you wake up writing a review in your […]

Mrs Fringereview Blogs Day 4: Fake it til you Make it?

Mrs Fringereview Blogs Day 4: Fake it til you make it? Ah Edinburgh…..where the cobbled streets glisten with a rain so wet it makes you forget the feeling of dry.  My clothes and bags from yesterday’s truly drenched day are still drying painfully slowly on the rattling radiators in this old high ceiling flat. I […]

Mrs Fringereview Blogs Day 3: The Adventure

Mrs Fringereview Blogs Day 3: The Adventure  In the swing of things now, finding my pace, making lots of notes and finding dry places to hide form the now signature Edinburgh rain. We have had our traditional meals at Chez Jules and Mother India, our routine married bicker while in the queue  (his fault of […]

Mrs FringeReview blogs Day 2: The Landing

Day 2 – Saturday 10th August  It felt really odd being in sunny and mild weathered Edinburgh today; that uneasy climate catastrophe sort of feeling haunted me as I walked around feeling unnerved by local pale skinned Scots blinking bewildered in the sunshine. And then thankfully it rained. Even some thunder and lightening rattled the […]

Day 1 – Friday 9th August 2019 On the train travelling to Edinburgh with my son for 10 days, joining my established fringe loving husband as he relives his blissful Bachelor days, (he always protests when I say this to him –  “I love being married and having a family!” he says, backing out of […]