Ever heard of Jasper Maskeleyne? Many haven’t these days – but he was quite remarkable. He was known as The War Magician and was a major inspiration for Kevin Quantum‘s ★★★★ Army@TheFringe show The Trick That Fooled. During the show Kevin, who is based in Edinburgh, recreated magic tricks that fooled the greatest and most creative people […]

Loneliness and social dislocation are the price some children pay for life in a military family – due to frequent moves and relocations. This makes it difficult to settle into education, establish friendships or even know where to call home. Dandelion by Creative Electric addresses these issues in a work of physical theatre created for this year’s […]

The head of the Army in Scotland, Brigadier Ben Wrench, raised the curtain at the Army’s own Edinburgh Fringe venue – a drill hall converted into a COVID-safe theatre space. With the Edinburgh Fringe facing so many challenges, the Army wanted to ensure that Hepburn House (which hosts Army@TheFringe) was one of the venues able […]

If someone mentions Army musicians what springs to mind? Changing of the Guard, The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, perhaps a sombre rendition of The Last Post. All very much part and parcel of what they do, but they have many other dimensions too. Take Colour Sergeant Dougie Anderson of the Lowland Band of the Royal Regiment […]

Are we the Makers or Victims of History?

Oli Yellop has that enviable capacity to make us see things from different angles and to put us in situations we could normally not imagine. Most of the time we trudge along in the mainstream of events – working, shopping, eating, sleeping and dreaming of our summer holidays. Of getting away from it all. His […]

Rosie Kay – The Mind is the Frontline

What risks do we face from the militarisation of cyber space and outer space? Is increased cyber security undermining the liberties and values we want to protect? Are artists the first line of defence? Does capitalist society really value the arts? These are just some of the questions leading choreographer and champion of the arts […]

As a small venue outside the Edinburgh city centre, with little walk up trade, Army@TheFringe has always had to work that bit harder to win audiences. Ticket sales tend to build as the Fringe goes on, as the result of reviews and word of mouth recommendations. This year we decided to return to in-person performances […]

From Page to Stage – a Platform for New Edinburgh Writers

When Michelle McKay returned to Edinburgh she found there were few opportunities to connect with other creatives and started Page2Stage as a solution. The idea was to provide a platform for new work and bring people together. As the arts seek to recover after the pandemic she’s relaunching the initiative during Army@TheFringe. This year’s Army@TheFringe […]

By Jordan Blackwood, Army@TheFringe producer It’s good to be back on stage at The Edinburgh Fringe. Last year we went digital and it worked well. But there’s huge yearning among performers and audiences alike to get back into venues and to soak up the atmosphere that is unique to in-person performance. A mark of that is […]

My Bumpy Road to The Fringe

Hi. I’m Lori Hamilton, writer and actor currently living in New York City. Between now and August, I’m planning to do a regular blog about the challenges of bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe (I’m also doing online performances for the Brighton Fringe) from the USA in 2021. You’ll hear about recording during Covid, how my cats […]

The Living Record

The People’s Music Collective: UnLocked A sung time-capsule of hope, camaraderie and far away connectedness Hannah Dunster Join the People’s Music Collective for the launch of their debut EP – ‘UnLocked’! The People’s Music Collective (or the PMC) are an eclectic mix of individuals connected by two key things in life – a passion for […]

Unique Derique (aka Lance McGee) is a performer from the San Francisco Bay Area. As a professional clown Derique has performed his unique physical comedy show to audiences of all ages in the US and internationally. He is also a Trauma-Informed Wellness Consultant, Drama Therapist, and Mindfulness Coach providing support to Oakland, CA middle-school educators, administrators, […]

On the occasion of Hanane Hajj Ali receiving The League of Professional Theatre Women’s (LPTW) Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award 2020, in February 2021, we are bringing back into focus our audio interview with Hajj Ali: Hanane Hajj Ali, writer and performer of Jogging: Theatre in Progress, talks with Fringe Review’s Jo Tomalin about the development […]

An exciting glimpse into “A Bloody Shambles” by Ella Dorman-Gajic

  ‘A Bloody Shambles’ by Ella Dorman-Gajic at Living Record Festival A Bloody Shambles is a visceral, intimate audio drama set on a disastrous day-in-the-life of Jess, who has woken up with a familiar feeling between her thighs, in a bed she barely recognises. Her journey brings sharply to light issues of period poverty and […]

  Anne Rabbitt planned to perform her one person show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last summer. But when the pandemic made this impossible she quickly adapted and reinvented her work to a new short film format. Jo Tomalin talks with Anne about her creative process and new work: I Know the Truth. Listen to […]

Sinking in the Sand

Digital Art, a bold movement for emerging voices By Ross Drury, Artistic Director So, I’m standing in the studio of a theatre in 2009 which sits next to the seaside in Shoreham, I’ve already dragged a bath tub from a tip down the road into the walls of theatre passing the box office with almost […]

Online@theSpaceUK Season 2

8th – 31st January 2021 Welcome to the FringeReview dedicated page for Online@theSpaceUK. Watch Brand New Shows from the comfort of your living room with Online@theSpaceUK Season 2 Opening 8 January, Online@theSpaceUK Season 2 features over 50 shows from around the world Brand new shows from creative companies & artists packed with plenty of Cabaret, Comedy, Film, Music, […]

Float around Covert Firmament

Covert Firmament – A collection of experiences for those seeking the sensational.   Covert Firmament is as eclectic as they come. Inside you’ll find a multi-disciplinary production of The Duchess of Malfi, short plays, spoken word, musical composition, and movies.  There’s no rhyme or reason there’s no organizing principle. We invite you to strap on […]

Delve into the immersive world of ‘Nevergreen’

Nevergreen Rarely does human history offer us one person who, irrevocably, changed everything. Rachel Carson, the most significant environmental activist and writer of the 20th century, was one of these people; but no work of art or fiction has ever explored her work or tried to uncover who she was. Her name has become less […]

Take a look into Sam and Zoe’s exciting Écoute Theatre Company Production – “Take Care”

Sam and Zoe, founders and creative directors of Écoute Theatre Company, have decided to interview each other for this Fringe Review blog post. You can catch their show Take Care (Online) as part of the digital Living Record Festival for a whole month. Lucky you! You can find links to the Living Record Festival, as well as […]

An intriguing look into ‘Thrash’ by RoguePlay Theatre

Introducing ‘Thrash’  ‘Thrash’ is RoguePlay’s debut digital piece. RoguePlay is a UK based highly physical theatre company, creating a unique style of narrative theatre using aerial and ground based circus, dance and spoken word. ‘Thrash’ by RoguePlay Theatre     ‘Thrash’ is an autobiographical piece written by our Co-Creative Director Lorna Meehan a few years […]

Introducing Living Record Festival

Living Record Festival is a month-long Digital Arts Festival curating and presenting original pieces from a range of art forms by independent companies and freelance artists. The festival is the brainchild of Ross Drury, International director and Artistic Director of ‘Living Record Productions’ an award-winning theatre company who have been creating vivid and dreamlike theatre […]

  Manual Cinema performs Frankenstein as part of Cal Performances at Home, streaming premiere Thursday, October 29 at 7pm PDT; Performance will be available on demand until January 27th, 2021. Pictured left: Sarah Fornace (credit: Drew Dir). Pictured right: Creature and Victor. Sarah Fornace is one of the five Co Artistic-Directors of Chicago’s Manual Cinema and […]

Brighton Fringe 2020

          1st – 31st October 2020 In a year in which we, the public, and fringe theatre were both locked down, how do things stand in October 2020? Brighton Fringe announced the postponement of the May Fringe and boldly set out a hope to be back in the Autumn. Well, here […]

Army@TheVirtualFringe is drawing to a close with a delightful final flourish. Yesterday we were delighted to surprise 12-year-old Leila McPhate with a trip to Redford Barracks to be presented with a professional recording made by Army musicians of her rap inspired by the Windrush generation. Leila, from Larbert High School in Stenhousemuir, wrote The World Is A Dark […]

As the final week of Army@TheVirtualFringe gets underway Matthew Shelley takes a look at what’s coming up including more about what looks to be one of the big highlights – Patrick Baty’s talk on The Artists Rifles. From fading Victorian photographs to WWII cartoons – research into an astonishing collection of pictures and memorabilia is […]

Blurred Lines: Exploring Art and Identity

Harkirat Kaur Assi, or “just Kirat” as she is more commonly known, artistic director of Punjab Arts, will be leading an Army@TheVirtualFringe webinar on Monday, 24 August. In it she will use her own long relationship with the arts to delve into the increasing correlations and relationships it has with the themes of heritage, culture and […]

Mini-Reviews of Online Fringe

Over August I have been watching online content. Not all of these shows are long enough to warrant the full Fringe Review experience but are good, and interesting enough to be talked about. Whilst the review criteria are the same, the brevity is a whole new experience. Anyhow, here are my thoughts on these shows. […]

The Beat Goes On The Glummer Twins Online@theSpaceUK From 15th August 2020 Lockdown? Existential crisis? Social distancing? It will take more than a pandemic to stop the irrepressible Glummer Twins from celebrating the joys, absurdities and indignities of getting older. So David Harmer and Ray Globe (The Glummer Twins) have turned to the wizardry of […]

This Saturday sees the 75th anniversary of VJ Day – the surrender of Imperial Japan and the effective end of WWII. Army@TheVirtualFringe commemorates the anniversary with a streaming of part of Bill Aitchison’s play about life for Hong Kong citizens and Commonwealth troops interned during the brutal Japanese occupation. In this blog Bill explains the origins […]

A busted August

Like most of us, this is not the August I imagined. I won’t bore you with the same tale, you have heard told again and again. Suffice to say, the image on the left tells its own story. What I would like to talk about is new work, the emergence of a new medium, and […]

Overcoming the Oversimplification British History

Lest We Forget explores the experiences of black Britons in the period around WWI. Co-writer Rasheka Christie-Carter writes about the importance of telling stories about black British history from before Windrush ahead of a reading of the play she wrote with Charlotte Green, which takes place on Tuesday 18 August as part of Army@TheVirtualFringe. There […]

Guerilla Art and the Spirit of the Fringe

 Guerilla art, military musicians and minority voices – Matthew Shelley writes that Army@TheVirtualFringe is on the way and is making a splash in the media. Would you necessarily think of the Army as being on the “front line of arts activism”? For a lot of people it’s not an automatic association. But a feature by […]

Edinburgh Fringe Online 2020

Welcome to our coverage of a very different Edinburgh Fringe for 2020. In the midst of the strange times we find ourselves with and a cancelled physicial world version of the world’s largest arts festival, Edfringe has ported online, hopefully just for this year, though we suspect there will be a mch more significant number […]

Welcome to ZOO TV

        Welcome to our coverage of ZOO TV. Zoo Venues, one of Edfringe’s key performance venues, brings an impressive programme to you, via the digital realm. We’ll be posting recommendations, previews and interviews soon, so watch this space. VIew the Zoo TV programme here.

Welcome to the Living Record Festival

              The Living Record Festival is a unique platform located in the digital realm. We are delighted to be supported by FringeReview who have invited us to document our journey as guest columnists. We’ll be updating you very soon. Living Record Productions

The Warren Outdoor Season

5th – 27th September 2020 Welcome to FringeReview’s coverage of The Warren’s unique and Brighton beach-based outdoor season. With an outdoor stage, gorgeous weather and carefully designed and delivered social distancing, tables of six (prebooked) can enjoy a host of comedy, theatre and other genres for all ages as we all continue to emerge from […]

Shedinburgh Fringe Festival

14th August – 15th September 2020 “Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2020 is cancelled. Instead we bring you SHEDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL a brand new online festival presenting the very best of the Fringe stalwarts of theatre, music and comedy, and the best new acts, all performed live from sheds across the country and streamed into people’s homes […]

Care Assistant’s Journey To Become Army Photographer Of The Year

Rebecca Brown is a hugely talented photographer who’ll be talking about her work as part of Army@TheVirtualFringe. But she’s also a former care assistant and military medic – one of those people without whom society couldn’t function. In 2019 Corporal Rebecca Brown became the first female to be named Army Photographer of the Year. This […]

The Online Free Festival

The cancellation of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak has not only led to the cancellation of the paid Fringe. Laughing Horse Comedy’s Free Fringe Fest is also unable to stage its usual hundreds of free fringe shows (Pay if/what you want on the way out). And phoenix-like, the Online Free […]

theSpaceUK boldly goes where no Fringe has gone before

Usually at this time of year the great & the good of the arts world would be gathering in Edinburgh for a month of drinking, socialising, more drinking and perhaps seeing the occasional show in between (albeit with a drink in hand). Fortunately for all livers involved, the Edinburgh Fringe isn’t going ahead this year […]

Sets, Sound, Vision And Success At The Fringe

Army@TheVirtualFringe is offering the chance to hear from expert designers, artistic directors and military musicians about how to get the best from sound, vision and stage sets. Huge amounts of sand, plus piles of sandbags were necessary to realise Anna Driftmier’s set for the critically acclaimed opera Dead Equal. By contrast, the remarkable projection was […]

The Art Of Being A Ridiculous Goof

Of all the different types of performance artists clowns are perhaps the most funny, charismatic and truthful. Aron De Casmaker, former Cirque du Soleil performer, will be presenting a workshop on the basics of clown performance during Army@TheVirtualFringe. Here he discusses their power to make us look at ourselves, our world, each other – and […]

So Little Gained, So Much Destroyed – An Assassin’s Tale

His name is Gavrilo Princip. He is the young assassin who shot and killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the murder that started the First World War. This one-hour play with live music explores his life, his legacy and the world he left behind. It was changed forever. My name is Oliver Yellop and I am […]

PREVIEW: An Invitation to The Vampire’s Ball

Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie present Vampire’s Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party!   About the show Billed as “The Greatest Summerween Spooky Celebration in History!”, here is the lowdown: My daughter came home from the Halloween dance last year and said, “They only played 3 total Halloween songs.” I was incensed! So, with Dr. Demento’s favorite artist, Steve Goodie, […]

Compelling Pictures Win Audiences – Top Tips On Fringe Images

Theatre and performance photographer Mihaela Bodlovic knows all about creating compelling images that make audiences want to go and see shows. She will be leading an online worksop during Army@TheVirtualFringe to help companies ensure their media, marketing and promotional pictures stand out at future Fringe festivals. Read three top tips below. Your promotional image is one […]

Online@theSpaceUK – The FringeReview Guide

          9th – 30th August 2020 Welcome to the dedicated page for Online@theSpaceUK. ONE FESTIVAL, THREE WEEKS, EIGHTY SHOWS, all written and produced in lockdown. Join us online, 8th-30th August, 2020. Browse the programme Watch the shows here Watch the cabaret See family friendly shows See some comedy Watch a theatre show With […]

Remembering The Black British Soldiers of World War I

The story of the black British soldiers who fought in World War I is little known and the race riots that took place in 1919 are largely forgotten. Charlotte Green talks about her work to explore what happened – something she and her co-writer Rasheka Christie-Carter will discuss as part of Army@TheVirtualFringe. The idea for […]

Tim Marriott – A Journey From Sit Com To Shell Shock

Actor Tim Marriott became known to millions in the sitcom The Brittas Empire. In recent years he has found an entirely new audience – returning to the stage with plays like Shell Shock that have found success at the Fringe and worldwide. Here Tim talks about his contribution to this year’s Army@TheVirtualFringe – and invites […]

Coming Out In The Army – The Story Of POSTERBOY

James Robert Moore’s play POSTERBOY will be featured as part of Army @ TheVirtualFringe. Here he writes about the origins of a project that explores the real-life experience of a soldier who did much to advance LGBT+ rights in the Army. Back in 2014 I Tweeted that I wanted to speak to openly gay soldiers […]

Veterans and Serving Soldiers Share Experiences of War, Peace and the Arts

While most of those who take part in this year’s Army@TheVirtualFringe are civilians some are serving soldiers or veterans involved in the arts. Experience of military life has spurred many veterans to express themselves through the arts. In other cases their role within the armed forces is one of artistic expression. The full programme of […]

Army@TheFringe Launches Online Programme For 2020

Jordan Blackwood, Producer of Army@TheFringe, introduces a special online initiative for 2020 – Army@TheVirtualFringe. When it was announced that the Edinburgh festivals weren’t going ahead this year, I felt a mix of relief and sadness. Relief that we were out of a strange limbo that meant we didn’t know whether to continue with planning our […]

Lockdown Black and Blues

“Hibernation will allow us to conserve the limited resource we have through the dark winter of Covid-19” artistic director David Greig Theatre is bruised by the whole experience of COVID-19, however twice as many people go to the theatre annually than attend football. Let that sink in for a second. The reality is, however, that we […]

Garlic Theatre Co artistic directors Iklooshar Malara and Mark Pitman travel around the UK performing several different shows that focus on puppetry and movement. They create every show – including a myriad of beautifully crafted puppets, imaginative stories, and original music. Jo Tomalin (in San Francisco) talks to Iklooshar and Mark (in Norfolk) about their […]

To thine ownself be careful with your opinions?

By Scottish Editor, Donald C Stewart It was last year that I was compelled to write about the case of Seyi Omooba. Seyi was the actress sacked or let go, depending upon your point of view, as she had expressed feelings on homosexuality that many, I among them, found incompatible with playing the central role […]

Turning a living play into a listening experience

“Start a blog,” Paul says, “it will be fun,” he adds, before finishing with “don’t worry it won’t take long”. Whenever Paul ‘suggests’ you give something a go, there is always a point when you think to yourself, ‘why did I agree to this?’. Then you wander around for a bit, scratching your head and […]

Summer? Cancelled…

My summer is finished. It didn’t even begin but now it has come to a stuttering end. The Fringe is aff. Not just a wee bit aff, not just a little delay, not even just a postponement whilst we think of something a little more creative. It’s done, dead, no longer and ceased for 2020. […]

The Most Courageous Woman I Ever Encountered

“The most courageous woman I have ever encountered” is Edinburgh author Louise Miller’s description of Flora Sandes. And her book A Fine Brother: The Life of Captain Flora Sandes is truly an account of bravery – both as a soldier in warfare and as a determined woman battling her way through a world riddled with […]

Australian Actors’ Tribute to Inspirational WWI Scottish Woman Doctor

A group of Australian actors have visited the memorial for Dr Elsie Inglis who set up the Scottish Women’s Hospitals to treat wounded soldiers during World War I. Their production, called Hallowed Ground written by Helen Hopkins and Carolyn Bock, traces the story of Australian female military doctors across the past 100 years. The first […]

Images From The Fringe Front Line

Behind every Fringe show there is a crowd of unseen people who make huge contributions to their success. The first rank of these who spring to mind will probably be the writers, directors and producers. After that you might think of technicians or set designers and builders. How about photographers? The shots that appear on […]

Asked to describe herself Natalie Clark said “Tall AF, goofy, brace face, professional, movie lover, total geek, sailor, food lover. My nails are always on fleek [yasssssss].” Jo Young answered the same question: “Yorkshire woman, mum of boys, poet, wild swimmer (ocean).” These words accompany the portraits on show in the Live Equal exhibition which have been […]

Untold Stories of Australia’s Women at War

The experiences of women in uniform too often go unreported. Hallowed Ground, which is part of the Army@TheFringe programme, is helping put that right. Created by The Shift Theatre from Australia, it follows the fortunes of four female military medics and a century of service. Here the team behind the drama explain its origins and […]

Press launches and photo shoots don’t always go as expected – all have their challenges and some present unexpected delights. Just as we gathered yesterday to start taking pictures of opera singers, brigadiers and actors linked to this year’s Army@TheFringe a fabulous 1950s Daimler rolled up and parked in front the the Hepburn House Army […]

A great tragedy, according to playwright Owen Sheers, is that each time we head towards war we suffer a national amnesia about the detail and awfulness of past conflicts. This was one of the motivations for writing Unicorns, Almost, a one man play being presented by  The Story of Books as part of this year’s Army@TheFringe […]

Lila Palmer believes that people can gain the strength to break down barriers today by knowing how our ancestors changed the rules that existed in the past. In 2016, when there was substantial controversy over the announcement that the British Army would accept women in full combat roles, the composer Rose Miranda Hall introduced her […]

Fringe venues are magnets for the extraordinary… And even though Army@TheFringe is among the smallest and newest, it aims to be diverse. Now in its third year it gives performing artists a chance to address an abundance of issues about life in and out of uniform. Over the next few weeks we hope that this […]