Welcome to the Living Record Festival

              The Living Record Festival is a unique platform located in the digital realm. We are delighted to be supported by FringeReview who have invited us to document our journey as guest columnists. We’ll be updating you very soon. Living Record Productions

The Living Record

The People’s Music Collective: UnLocked A sung time-capsule of hope, camaraderie and far away connectedness Hannah Dunster Join the People’s Music Collective for the launch of their debut EP – ‘UnLocked’! The People’s Music Collective (or the PMC) are an eclectic mix of individuals connected by two key things in life – a passion for […]

An exciting glimpse into “A Bloody Shambles” by Ella Dorman-Gajic

  ‘A Bloody Shambles’ by Ella Dorman-Gajic at Living Record Festival A Bloody Shambles is a visceral, intimate audio drama set on a disastrous day-in-the-life of Jess, who has woken up with a familiar feeling between her thighs, in a bed she barely recognises. Her journey brings sharply to light issues of period poverty and […]

Sinking in the Sand

Digital Art, a bold movement for emerging voices By Ross Drury, Artistic Director So, I’m standing in the studio of a theatre in 2009 which sits next to the seaside in Shoreham, I’ve already dragged a bath tub from a tip down the road into the walls of theatre passing the box office with almost […]

Float around Covert Firmament

Covert Firmament – A collection of experiences for those seeking the sensational.   Covert Firmament is as eclectic as they come. Inside you’ll find a multi-disciplinary production of The Duchess of Malfi, short plays, spoken word, musical composition, and movies.  There’s no rhyme or reason there’s no organizing principle. We invite you to strap on […]

Delve into the immersive world of ‘Nevergreen’

Nevergreen Rarely does human history offer us one person who, irrevocably, changed everything. Rachel Carson, the most significant environmental activist and writer of the 20th century, was one of these people; but no work of art or fiction has ever explored her work or tried to uncover who she was. Her name has become less […]

Take a look into Sam and Zoe’s exciting Écoute Theatre Company Production – “Take Care”

Sam and Zoe, founders and creative directors of Écoute Theatre Company, have decided to interview each other for this Fringe Review blog post. You can catch their show Take Care (Online) as part of the digital Living Record Festival for a whole month. Lucky you! You can find links to the Living Record Festival, as well as […]

An intriguing look into ‘Thrash’ by RoguePlay Theatre

Introducing ‘Thrash’  ‘Thrash’ is RoguePlay’s debut digital piece. RoguePlay is a UK based highly physical theatre company, creating a unique style of narrative theatre using aerial and ground based circus, dance and spoken word. ‘Thrash’ by RoguePlay Theatre     ‘Thrash’ is an autobiographical piece written by our Co-Creative Director Lorna Meehan a few years […]

Introducing Living Record Festival

Living Record Festival is a month-long Digital Arts Festival curating and presenting original pieces from a range of art forms by independent companies and freelance artists. The festival is the brainchild of Ross Drury, International director and Artistic Director of ‘Living Record Productions’ an award-winning theatre company who have been creating vivid and dreamlike theatre […]