Clapham Fringe: Highlights and Recommendations

Clapham Fringe runs from 21st September to 15th October 2023. “

A 4 week Performing Arts Festival in South London. The Clapham Fringe is a yearly festival running since 2015 from the team behind The Bread & Roses Theatre. For 2023 The Clapham Fringe reveals a multi-venue expansion including The Two Brewers, The Railway and Central Film School.”

Here are some of our recommendartions and highlights for Clapham Fringe.

For a sbow about doing a show then we recommend Thanyia Moore: August. “After 10 years of comedy, Thanyia was finally set to do her long awaited, anticipated debut hour at Edinburgh festival fringe. Everything was going to plan, until August came. A month that was forecasted to be bright and sunny, became dark and grey, and it took every bit of strength that Thanyia had, to make it through.”

Let’s begin with some devised theatre. “GOALS by emerging theatre company Rigged Rascals is inspired by a little note of ‘2021 goals, a list of funky and unrealistic goals and the 2020’s young adults’ built-in purpose of getting shit done in life in order to feel like they matter.” It is billed as “a physical comedy about one’s own and society-set goals and the struggle to achieve them all. About the times when one could and should choose the happiness of ‘now’ over the upcoming treadmill burnout. “

For “a new comedy-drama about love, healing, and two people trying not to f*** it all up,” you’ll need to book for Have a Nice Day! “After suffering from an alcohol and coke addiction, Tom is on a mission to get his life on track and prove himself as a successful, responsible business owner. Alex having recently survived a suicide attempt, desperately wants to feel normal. A situationship is the last thing they both need… 

With Anthroplay Theatre, you get four plays in an hour! “Four Short Plays does exactly what it says on the tin. 
Come along to watch four quirky and unconventional plays curated and produced by Anthroplay Theatre, all in one hour. (that’s four plays for the price of one!). “

For some adult-themed theatre, see Bar. “The place where four women went from strangers to sisters is being priced out and sold on. The morning after the final celebration at the bar, relationships are fractured, perceptions are distorted and trust is broken. The four must use their final moments in the space they call home to navigate what’s real and what’s right.”

If you are looking for some character comedy improv, then The Non-Recylables will be on your list. “We will take you to our human zoo – you’ll be introduced to three characters and hear a snippet of their world view. From there we will delve more closely into their lives and circumstances through a series of scenes taking you on a tour to see some weird and wonderful characters. Your very own Human Safari.”

For some work-in-progress stand up comedy. “Former journalist and professional doomscroller, Suchandrika Chakrabarti (Funny Women ‘One To Watch’ 2020, British Comedy Guide Pro Performance Award finalist 2021) will heal your crippling phone addiction…”. See Suchandrika Chakrabarti: Doomscrolling. (one night only on Sep 30th).



Watch their Promo video here:

Comedy double-act The Electric Head were formed 20 years ago when Al Ronald and Cy Henty met in a disused Victorian Asylum where they were both working on a Horror Feature.

Since then the pair have released numerous Series of Podcasts, Written, produced, Directed and starred in award winning Comedy and Comedy Horror films, Voiced over, written, produced and Directed Animations, made Online TV Series, Audio Dramas for Big Finish, and Scripted Radio Shows including their Sold Out ‘Go to Hell!’ at The Pleasance.

This Autumn sees the pair bring their unique new 100% Improvised two man show to The Bread & Roses Theatre for The Clapham Fringe on Saturday 14th October at 3pm.

‘After 20 years of the Double Act, Cy and I seem to have developed an unerring telepathic bond which we discovered when we started performing the Short Form Impro Shows in 2019.’ Says Al.

‘We have always shared a love of the surreal and anarchic – which combined with our love of Horror can often lead us down some very unexpected and hilariously dark pathways.’ The two have both written and Directed and continue to act in UK Independent Horror with Films and animations Premiering at Frightfest and other UK and International Film Festivals.

‘Once we’ve taken the audience suggestions it’s really like leaping off a cliff into another dimension – we just have to trust in each other and our ability to weave fascinating characters and storylines.’ Says Cy.

The boys from the Head have worked with Mighty Boosh Producer Ali Macphail, the head of Radio 4 Comedy, and had sell-out shows at The Camden and Edinburgh Fringe.

They incite us to “Prepare to be amazed as you accompany The Electric Head on a totally improvised adventure based entirely on audience suggestions this October!”

The Electric Head: ‘Improvised Head’ can be seen at the The Bread & Roses Theatre, 68 Clapham Manor Street, SW4 6DZ Clapham, London, Saturday 14th October 3pm. Full details and booking here.


‘this is not a play about ophelia (a play about ophelia)’ to make it’s return to London at The
Bread and Roses Theatre as part of Clapham Fringe

Prepare to see Ophelia in a way that you never have before as ‘this is not a play about ophelia (a play
about ophelia)’ takes to the stage at The Bread and Roses Theatre during the 2023 Clapham Fringe.

Written and directed by Lyse Marcelle, this one-woman show promises to challenge conventions, and
spark crucial discussions about teenage grief and bereavement care in the UK.

About the Show

‘this is not a play about ophelia (a play about ophelia)’ is a groundbreaking production that seamlessly
blends new writing with text from Shakespeare’s much beloved classic ‘Hamlet’ to tell the story of
Ophelia, a teenage girl who suddenly finds herself grappling with the overwhelming experience of
grief after her father’s untimely death. Set against the backdrop of the rollercoaster of
adolescence—boys, periods, parties, and university applications—Ophelia’s life takes an unexpected
turn that forces her to confront the complexities of bereavement and the sense of uncertainty that
comes with it.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach this innovative piece of theatre explores an intriguing question:
‘Did Ophelia have to die?’ Lyse Marcelle’s writing and direction bring Ophelia’s inner turmoil to life on
stage, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in her journey as she grapples with grief and
navigates the challenges of adolescence. By delving into Ophelia’s internal struggles, the production
aims to shed light on the often overlooked topic of bereavement care in the UK. Through powerful
storytelling and evocative performances, ‘this is not a play about ophelia (a play about ophelia)’
encourages audiences to engage in important conversations surrounding the ways in which society
addresses and supports young people dealing with parental loss.
‘this is not a play about ophelia (a play about ophelia)’ was originally performed in January 2023 at
The Edric Theatre and was created with support from London Southbank University as part of their
‘MA Creative Performance Practice’.

Lyse Marcelle, Writer and Director: “I am incredibly excited to bring ‘this is not a play about ophelia
(a play about ophelia)’ to The Clapham Fringe this year. As someone who has experienced parental
loss first hand it felt incredibly important to share this story with an audience. So many young people
have similar experiences and yet in the UK we lack the representation of this experience in the media,
as well as equipping schools and pastoral workers with the proper resources to adequately support
bereaved young people. Ophelia seemed like the perfect vessel to help tell this story, and as
someone who loves classics it has been so cathartic to be able to reimagine her story.”

Lyse’s previous credits as a director include ‘The Father’ by August Strindberg as part of The Lyric
Hammersmith’s ‘EVOLUTION Festival’ and ‘this is not a play about ophelia (a play about ophelia)’ for
The Edric Theatre. Lyse also works as a Dramaturg and Facilitator.

Daniela Lucinda Santos, Assistant Director: “I am so excited to be working with Lyse again on ‘this
is not a play about ophelia (a play about ophelia)’ and can’t wait to see the shape it takes on the stage
at The Clapham Fringe. I believe every women can see themselves in Ophelia and every women’s
inner child deserves this play. I love the twist on the classical version and have thoroughly enjoyed
seeing Ophelia take up space as she tackles the loss of her father”

Daniela’s previous credits include Director for ‘Glitch’ with The National Saturday Club as part of the
Richmond Arts and Ideas Festival and Assistant Director for ‘this is not a play about ophelia (a play
about ophelia)’ The Edric Theatre. Daniela also works as a facilitator.
Cast will be announced in September.

Tickets and Further Information:

● Dates: Sunday October 1st and Monday October 2nd 2023
● Time: 7:00 PM
● Venue: The Bread and Roses Theatre, 68 Clapham Manor St, Clapham, London SW4 6DZ

Tickets for ‘this is not a play about ophelia (a play about ophelia)’ are available for purchase on The
Bread and Roses Theatre website and box office. Join them for “an unforgettable theatrical experience
that examines grief, resilience, and the complex journey to find one’s identity amidst the chaos of life.”

Booking and info here.

We’ll be adding some more choices in the run up to the Fringe.