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Brighton Fringe 2023

Bloody Medea!!!

Physical comedy debut by April Small; with a bit part for Zeus, puppet-deaths and an elephant themed singsong.

Green Knight

An Arthurian legend


A new solo show that combines puppetry, spoken word and theatre to bring an honest look at sex and trauma to Brighton Fringe 2023

My First Time Was in a Car Park

Compelling story telling about the First Time and its aftermath

The Burning of a Sicilian Whore (Blood Rain)

The tale of a seventeenth century courtesan, turned poisoner

The Heist | Solo Full Mask Show

Imaginative storytelling – Not to be missed!

Viking 9-5

What can being in a game-show and acting as a Viking teach a 20-something man about life? A fact and fun-filled story written and performed by Tom Draper.