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Brighton Year-Round 2021

Blu & The Magic Web

A new fairytale adventure for Christmas 2021

Groan Ups

Just wait for the second act.

Looking Good Dead

A first-rate production. If you enjoy thrillers, you must see this.

Love’s Poison

Whether as James Allen's play The Engagement, or as narrative, Love’s Poison should be seen or read by everyone.

More Grimm Tales

A rollicking production with razored timing, musical cues and ad-libs worked in to half-second slots. A must-see.

Our Little Surprise

An attractive, gentle meditation on family, with spectral undertones.


Outstanding, the finest West End musical for years


There’s a grain in this play promising the transcendent.

The Cat and the Canary

If you’re a Classic Thriller Theatre Company fan, don’t hesitate. Though we can be grateful to Bill Kenwright for trying out these creaky creepies, a serious bit of thought ought to go in to just what genres they are first.

The Midnight Bell

An outstanding ballet by any standards. One that like its inspiration Patrick Hamilton will last.