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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Alison Skilbeck’s Uncommon Ground

Six seemingly unconnected lives are brought together during lockdown

Apple of My Eye

"the composer uses cultural references very well"

Bertie Hodd: Dad Jokes

A Sweet and Hilarious Portrait of a Father in Transition

Blue Morpho

The flapping of a butterfly’s wing can have a great effect

Breed or Bust

It is easy to see why Raven is also known as a storyteller midwife.

Bullring Techno Makeout Jamz

A Young Man Looks for Love, and Finds it from His Audience

Did You Eat?

The combined talents of Kim and Yejin are a force to be reckoned with, and it is hard not to feel while watching that we are seeing the beginnings of a potentially legendary partnership.


Daly is the Pied Piper of Edinburgh – Enchanting, witty, interactive and relatable. A one woman show that pokes fun at satirical characters from her past!

God Done Opened the Sky!!

Each character is played with a charming sincerity that pulled the audience in and made us hang on his every word.

Janitor/Manager & How to Have an Affair Without Really Trying

Well worth seeing now as they are, especially so you can say you caught them before they took the Fringe by storm. 

La Codista

A professional queuer tells her tale

Life With Oscar

Cohen plays an impressive array of characters, from his own parents to the Mexican model of the Oscar statuette Emilio Fernandez.


Mace Cowart is a talent to watch as both an actor and a writer, and you would do well to see him while you can. 

Me, Myself, and Mary (Queen of Scots)

Never does it feel overstuffed, and never does it feel underexplained. The Goldilocks “just right” centre of historical adaptation has been achieved.

Memories of the Early 1950’s

It is one of those rare things that makes the Fringe special: a real connection with another person, another artist.

Miss Havisham’s Wedding Night

A short operatic excursion into a wronged woman’s psyche.

Nicola Macri: Single Entendre

Macri’s performance is warm and inviting, and although her arguments are made intelligently and with plenty of back-up, it never feels like a lecture as much as a chat with a pal who occasionally dances around as the Spectre of Sex, here to ruin every conversation with its ubiquity.

The Opera Diva’s Boudoir

Fresh, inventive riches to rags story with a twist.

Yoga with Jillian

A Wickedly Funny and Deeply Moving Tour de Force