Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Afrique en Cirque

A stunning spectacle of circus arts told through the lens of life in Africa


Weinachter is an interchangeable chameleon: not just a dancer, but a rare performer who can do it all! Her style and execution of ideas paints a beautiful memory of her idiosyncratic talents in exploring the beginning and end of life. Stunningly poignant.

Beautiful Evil Things

Edinburgh Fringe stalwarts spellbindingly rework the Iliad

Burnt Lavender

Indulgent, decadent, glorious, gorgeous and beautiful anthem to the pride in being yourself.

Circa’s Peep Show (Club Remix)

Playful and impressive circus of an exceptional quality.

Dances Like a Bomb

Intriguing, witty, strong and tender dance-theatre, beautifully performed.

Her Green Hell

Intense, dramatic play with vibrant acting and dynamic storytelling.


Well timed energetic action with well designed sets, sound and lighting.

Lights! Donkey! Action!

Babolin are back with another triumphant ensemble romp.

Lost Soles

A beautifully imagined flight of fancy on the sole of a dance shoe that taps out such wonderful rhythms.

Mass Effect

High energy dancers push physical limits.

Mother Courage and Her Children

Beautiful production with stylised movement and physical acting

Mythos: Ragnarok

Exciting and entertaining - with powerful characters and performances!

Nearly Lear

Mischievous charm, tragic depth, and hilarious wit, all fueled by an intense and energetic inventiveness. A Must See show

Ouroboros: The Return

A surreal whirlwind that is just as heart-breaking as it is hilarious


Groundhog Day - Saying goodbye to old memories, whilst finding new ones. A beautiful physical representation on our ability to accept who we truly are! Get down to Club Purgatorio!


Compelling physical theatre about the disappeared in Latin America


Enthralling. Poignant. Unforgettable. Two cameras. One couple. A beautiful dance between the private and public world of this turbulent couple. Not to be missed!

Taiwan Season: The Way Back

Interesting well-performed physical theatre with object puppetry

Taiwan Season: World in a Word

An enchanting introduction to Chinese culture for the younger audience.


A heartfelt attempt to expose the oil giants in a futuristic setting.

The Last Show Before We Die

An incredibly unique show and the epitome of the Fringe essence

The Life Sporadic of Jess Wildgoose

Energetic and entertaining!

The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much

Physical theatre, 1960’s spy extravanganza

When We Died

An absorbing one-woman play seamlessly blending physical theatre with a poignant, gut-wrenching narrative