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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

1 Ball Show 1 Lung Less

A fantastic show about a less than fantastic couple of challenges.

Colleen Lavin: Do The Robots Think I’m Funny

“ Murderbot is going to asses my performance,” says Lavin at the top of the show, “And then you’re going to decide if you care.” At least in this case, the robot did find Colleen Lavin to be very funny. I have to say I agree.

Emmanuel Sonubi: Curriculum Vitae

Original and relatable stories that do not fail to get a laugh from the audience every single time


Daly is the Pied Piper of Edinburgh – Enchanting, witty, interactive and relatable. A one woman show that pokes fun at satirical characters from her past!

Mad Ron: Crime School

A masterclass in crime-based character comedy

Sheldrake on Shakespeare : Live!

An urbane little gem of a show