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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

21st Century Poe

A visceral update, not for the fainthearted, of some of Poe’s most celebrated work

Anatomy of the Piano

Anatomy of the Piano

Annoying the neighbours

A patchy exploration of the two sides of neighbourliness including the intervention of the authorities

Big Boys Don’t Cry

A slightly flawed one man show about being a bloke and having a pregnancy that does not end well but a tale that kind of does

Bitch Boxer

An unbelievable piece of theatre that proves boxing is not just for boys

Burton’s Last Call

'Precisely what the Free Fringe should be all about.’

Finding Libby

Hugely impressive, deeply affecting and highly recommended.

Fists of Sulfur (Pugni Di Zolfo)

Fine acting: performed with powerful restraint

Ginger Nation

"a story well worth listening to"

If These Spasms Could Speak

Tour de force – simple

Oh My Irma

An odd collection of a story that keeps you involved in the physicality of it all and works well through its odd narrative

Pip Utton: Churchill

"a refreshing take on Winston Churchill"

The Confessions of Gordon Brown

“Macbeth, as written and performed by Gordon Brown.”

The GB Project

An elegant and lucid exploration of early twentieth century female explorer Gertrude Bell

The Trials and Tribulations of Mr Pickwick

"a quintessentially very fine Fringe show."

Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt

An intriguing run round growing up in a skirt whilst really wanting to be a Beatle and always being a boy

You All Know Me, I’m Jack Ruby

"Barry inhabits the skin of Ruby entirely, from teeth to clutching fists"