Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

64 Squares

Enter the brain of ‘B’, and discover some of the most exciting physical theatre on the Fringe.

Big Shot

Outstanding work from TMB - again!


It's true: working 9 to 5 ain't no way to make a living. Try this instead ..

Blind Man’s Song

Blind Man’s Song sweeps you up and away into a world of memories.

Boys Who Like To Play With Dolls

An ever-shifting examination of gender perception.

Clown Macbeth

A visually striking, and unique take on a Shakespeare classic.

Falling in love with Frida

An intimate and evocative performance that layers text, music and dance.

Farewell, My Concubine – The Movement of the Martyr

A stunning retelling of a Chinese legend.

Follow the Faun

A forty-five minute acid trippy escapade of movement, music, lights and human connection


"Good Evening. Consider, if you will, a group of scoundrels and vagabonds who like to play with rope .."

K’RD Strip: A Place to Stand

Fierce, Frightening and F**king Fabulous

L’Enfant qui…

Magical, earthy theatrical circus!

Okinawa San San

Wonderful dance from the cultural ambassadors of Okinawa

Plan B for Utopia

A brilliant mix of theatre and dance addressing ideas about Utopia.


A dark, gritty exploration of obsession, addiction, and commitment.


A youthful exploration of a crumbling marriage

Ticket to Bollywood

An explosion of enthusiastic colour illuminating a culture which entrances from your very first experience

Women’s Hour

A hour with two wonderful clowns