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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

A Fine Line

Previous Fringe First Award winner Ronnie Dorsey brings a wonderful story of love, family, intimacy and loss which is beautifully performed by Judith Paris.

A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing by Eimear McBride

" wonderful words, masterfully adapted, brilliantly brought to life"

A Glass Half Full

Through anecdote, music, stand-up, cake and the unexpected, Amanda Waring explores how we may all lead a more fulfilling life


An hilarious look at Bat-Man with his biggest fan and of course puppet Robin on a stick.

Bayou Blues

An enchanting one woman show that takes us down to the bayou of New Orleans.

Belfast Boy

A visceral solo performance that takes us to places no young man should go

Bug Bite

A brave and important piece of work exploring fractured relationships and breast cancer.


A surreal one woman comedy of love, longing and intense rivalry – with a cow.


An outstanding piece of work for theatre goers of every kind.

Confessions Of A Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl

Lots of froth, not quite enough hit, with a very charming host.


Impactful , entertaining and suave!

Desperately Seeking Attention

Full of laugh-aloud dark humour


Provocative and moving - everyone should see this play!

For the Love of Chocolate

Shake off the blues and let Conchita bring some passion, sweet stuff and free chocolate to you

Iphigenia in Splott

One of the best solo plays you will ever see. Anywhere. Ever.

It’s Only Words

An absurdly brilliant clown act that explores the nature of communication and language.



Mad Women in my Attic!

Brilliant cabaret with a powerful voice and an important message!


Masterwork of a solo show, exploring the secrets behind the Magdalen nuns and the Irish workhouses

Mata Hari: Female Spy

Poised, textured, revealing and precise

Mummy’s Gone a Bit Parental

Honest, bold and fighting sleep deprivation

My Name is Saoirse

The immense story of an Irish upbringing that is universally recognisable

Nell Gwyn: An Epilogue

No traditional monologue but stand-up comedy 17th Century style: bawdy and energetic, with an occasional social bite.

Nelson: The Sailors’ Story

Highly skilled historical story-telling with a political edge.

Padraig Potts’ Guide to Walking

Storytelling at its best

Pip Utton: Playing Maggie

His artistry is the blurring of the lines between reality and theatricality

Scarlet Shambles: It Used To Be Me

Stunning physical noir performance from a Fringe newcomer to watch

Since Maggie Went Away

A tale of grief, loss and discovery. Family history at its most complex and interesting.

Sunny Runny Runcorn

Dynamic, raw and poetic storytelling


A powerful and compelling performance

The Adventures Of Nellie Bly

Stop the press! Follow life in the fast (Lois) Lane with this interpid girl reporter!

The Andromeda Paradox

X marks the spot. Make space for Tom Neenan's latest journey into the unknown ..

The Carousel

A rich, evocative look at family secrets, memory, and mortality.

The Deliverance

Big themes explored beautifully with rich writing, and a strong performance from Maureen Beattie.

The Free Meditation Class

Politics, spirituality and a banjo…

The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven

An alternative Jesus preaching love and forgiveness

The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy Part I: The List

A beautifully written, wonderfully performed depiction of regret, and obsession.

The Lonely Poet

A unique performance filled with humour and personality.

The Man Called Monkhouse

They all laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian ..

The Night Shift With Gloria Hole

An insightful telling of a drag queen’s life and her changing role within the community.

The Trials of Galileo

An absorbing and powerful character study of the man behind the myth.

The Unknown Soldier

Authentic, informative and powerful

Tonight with Donny Stixx

Riveling, edgy and electrifying!


An intimate piece of theatre addressing questions of self worth and the possibility of true human connection.

Under Milk Wood (Semi Skimmed)

Guy Masterson's legendary performance in 60 minutes


A compelling solo story of the miner’s strike from the eighties

Where do Little Birds Go?

A lively solo play based on a little known true story

Wild Bill: Sonnet of a Bardsterd

An intense performance that explores the origins of Shakespeare’s work and his legacy to date.