Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

A History, w Nowell Edmurnds

An uncomfortable reflection on our society’s adoration of fame.

A Q & A With Donald Trump and Boris Johnson

Delightful, enlightening and cutting

Abberline’s Artefact

Superbly performed and very well-intended

Bubble Revolution

a stimulating play about entering the consumerist bubble

Chopping Chillies

" an enthralling tale, full of charm and atmosphere"

Jeu Jeu La Foille: Frontal Lobotomy

Burlesque, poetry, puppetry and the history of frontal lobotomy

Just let the Wind Untie My Perfumed Hair … or Who is Tahirih?

A haunting account of the Iranian poet and radical feminist Tahira played by Delia Olam who has impressively written, composed and performed the entire show based on the true accounts of this once forgotten heroine.

Life and Death (But Mainly Death)

A warm and thoroughly life affirming show (mostly about death)

Mairi Campbell: Pulse

A storytelling journey about finding your true musical self

O is for Hoolet

Fascinating one-woman spoken word show about the Scots language

Operation Love Story

A charming, intimate and disarmingly direct story of matchmaking in the big city

Revolution in the Magic Square

I never knew Socialist Magic could be so much fun

Sacré Blue

An honest, informative, and entertaining look at anxiety

Science Magic

Educational, explosive entertaining

Team Viking

"A while ago my best friend Tom died of heart cancer. His last wish was for me to give him a Viking Funeral. So I did."


Generation Lost bites back

The Magnetic Diaries

An intelligent and challenging poetic narrative exploring modern day female depression.

The Moira Monologues by Alan Bissett

Humour and pathos from one of Scotland’s foremost comedic performers.

The One Legged Man Show

Moving, funny, revealing and intelligent

Tittitutar Town

The funniest comedian I've ever seen

Tomás Ford’s Craptacular!

A crazy hour of anarchic cabaret karaoke with audience participation from Tomás Ford.


The story of exposed abuse told simply and effectively from a stool on a stage.