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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

5 out of 10 Men

Bold drama and physical theatre! Excellent!

A Dog’s Tale

A comic tale of doggie derring do from the Pound that strikes right at heart of the doll.

A Series of Unfortunate Breakups

A bittersweet tale of 3 relationships that never quite end the way you expect

A Tale of Two Cities: Blood for Blood

Intriguing, very creative and immersive!

Adler and Gibb

A playful and challenging examination of authenticity in art

All Cashed In

A provocative tribute which walks the line in a story that crosses a man in black with independent thought

At War with Love

A poignant, deep and vibrant use of Shakespearean sonnet dressed in the context of World War One

Being Norwegian

"subtle, tender and funny"


Powerful stories that every internet user should see.

Boris: World King

Political Satire at its tousle-haired best

Bubble Revolution

a stimulating play about entering the consumerist bubble

Bucket List

An urgently political piece told with grace and commitment

Burnt Sugar

A bright idea that is a little short in its delivery.

Callisto: A Queer Epic

A show full of great performances and roles


Acting of the highest standard, Camille is a virtuoso performance


Straight play where plenty is slightly crooked.

Child’s Play

An intelligently argued, entertaining defence of a much-maligned generation

Chopping Chillies

" an enthralling tale, full of charm and atmosphere"

Cosmic Fear or The Day Brad Pitt Got Paranoia

A frenetic romp through Global warming… with Brad Pitt

Cosmic Fear or the Day Brad Pitt Got Paranoia

An uncomfortable time examining the environmental disaster ready to unfold

Criminology 303

A taught half hour or so in the company of a former detective and the case that haunts her, and now us


A highly recommended devised piece about an electric topical issue

Death of Her Brother

A visually evocative piece of performance art that examines loss and relationship

Denton and Me

Well crafted, well performed, intriguing!

Dirty Glitter

The 1970’s are back and funky with a cop drama that focusses on the times rather than the storylines.


Family-friendly, high energy retelling of the classic Gothic tale


In-your-face exposé of the E15 housing scandal.


Lear meets Reservoir Dogs

En Folkefiende

Classic Ibsen drama transformed into a contemporary setting

Escape from the Planet of the Day That Time Forgot

Very entertaining, well acted devised comedy! A delirious sci-fi romp!

Every Brilliant Thing

An entertaining, amusing look at depression.


Evil "personified" onstage shows us who the real monsters are

Expensive Shit

full of dark humour and completely riveting

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

"feel-good family comedy at its finest"

Finders Keepers

Deliciously grubby physical theatre for all ages set in junkyard

Finding Joy

Bittersweet comedy about the relationship between a teenage boy and his grandmother who has dementia

Five Go Off on One

The Famous Five, without one, go off on an adventure on summer hols for jolly japes and smuggling scrapes.


A series of scenes on the issues of lost people

Frenchy; World’s Worst Adult

Australian comedian who saws the knuckles off your sensibilities in a hilarious hour


Il Duce meets the Merchant of Venice in a literary mash up that works well

Grimm: An Untold Tale

An entertaining and illuminating play about forgotten figures in history

Heads Up

A frenetic solo countdown to the Apocalypse


Powerful, subtle and nuanced - you could have heard a pin drop.


New writing with a lot of potential

Hot Brown Honey

The Controversial Hit of the Fringe


Love, murder and stunning physical theatre set in 1950s America

In Fidelity

A fascinating look at love, cheating, and relationships with a live onstage date between audience members

In Our Hands

Creative, entertaining and moving play with puppets!

It Folds

Quirky and moving physical storytelling!

Jane Eyre: An Autobiography

"an incredible show which authentically reproduces the novel onto the stage."

Jeu Jeu La Foille: Frontal Lobotomy

Burlesque, poetry, puppetry and the history of frontal lobotomy

Leaf by Niggle

Exquisite show. Masterful Storytelling of Tolkien's story !

Meet Fred

Inspiring, creative, imaginative, meaningful and fabulously entertaining!

Missed Connections

Three encounters on the tube. Three quite different stories.

Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy

Warm tribute to two of the greatest comics of all time.

Mrs Roosevelt Flies to London

An intimate audience with an extraordinary woman of history

Murder She Didn’t Write

An improvised gem of an hour in accomplished hands.

Nosferatu’s Shadow

Poetically written and beautifully performed


First rate - this what the Fringe is all about: AND it has legs!

People of the Eye

A thoughtful play about a serious subject.

Philip Pullman’s The Ruby in the Smoke

"a captivating story, impressively realised"


A hip hop infused dive into the lives and loves of a group of British Muslim teenagers

Remember Edith Cavell

A worthy tribute to a largely-forgotten English heroine

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

A play of words with some excitement that fails in its execution

Sacré Blue

An honest, informative, and entertaining look at anxiety

Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother in the case of a study in blood

A transatlantic take on the mytheries of Holmes which has comedy rather than tragedy at its heart

Sodden Flodden

The story of a tragedy in Scotland told 400 years later with music and storytelling showing that at least something survived it well

The Black and White Tea Room

A taut meeting between a therapist and his client reveals much more than just healing through trust

The Blind Date Project

An improvised evening where we follow a first and very blind date

The Forest

An impeccable time in a magical forest where all is experienced by all who enter

The Inspectors Call

A compelling message in a comic but very moving tale.

The Interference

A highly charged examination of what happens when one young woman cries rape on campus

The Jungle Book : Cobwebs and Moontalk

Where’s that elephant got to?

The Living Room

Unique and extremely compelling physical and vocal theatre!

The Marked

Powerful, disturbing and nightmarish masked theatre

The Mission

Creative work from a new ensemble!

The Necessity of Atheism

What a delight! Written by a true wordsmith!

The Six-Sided Man

Engrossing, complex, physical theatre, finely acted!

The Supermarket Six

Unexpected outcome when an unexpected item appears in the bagging area.

The Tobacco Merchant’s Lawyer

A one man treat that is both comic and satirical as a man of nae means tries to survive against those that have the means for survival

The Unknown Soldier

A solo play that will stay with you long after you have left the theatre

The View from Castle Rock

A story that is both touching and at times humorous.


This is what the Fringe is really about

Two Man Show

A huge, frenetic, provocative romp of a show


An anthem for the loss of youth delivered with mixed success

Yoke’s Night

An evening of drugs, mayhem and macabre dealings where all is more than what it seems.


The story of exposed abuse told simply and effectively from a stool on a stage.