Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017


A highly impressive piece of dance and physical theatre which explored our world and its response to the attacks it has suffered.

5 Soldiers

Evocative, dynamic and impressive!

Arab Arts Focus: Dance Double Bill

Impactful and powerful.


Elegant, imaginative and very entertaining - with deliciously quirky moments!

Border Tales

Brilliant - creatively devised, provocative, well performed, poignant and moving!


Highly skilled entertainment. Lyrical, dramatic, beautiful, spirited, exciting and intriguing!


Dance me to the start of love

Death City

Stunningly choreographed Korean dance where death lingers round every wrist flick.

Fall Out

High energy tap dance to live music - pushes the boundaries - exciting!


Well performed and highly skilled, Kin is a wonderfully entertaining, and theatrical show that draws you in immediately.

Lady Macbeth: Unsex Me Here

A stifled voice brought to life through a transcendent trinity


Acrobatic dance expressing an abstract version of a poignant story.

Me, Myself and I

An enthusiastic physical performance piece based on an eventful night out


Fascinating, textured, sensitive and inspired!

On This Side of Time

Evocative and fascinating! Original contemporary choreography with eclectic music.


Inspired and inspiring piece - creative, dynamic and tender

The Dreamer

A visual treat! Creative, inventive and visceral physical theatre.

The Humours of Bandon

Entertaining, charming and spirited!

The North

Creative quirky piece - whimsical on the surface with deeper meaning.