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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

All Kidding Aside

An enjoyable hour of gentle comedy.


Deft and fluid storytelling. Well worth seeking out.

Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour: Izzy’s Manifestos

"fine and authentic character acting"


Tiff Stevenson at her best

Bonnie Fechters

Intimate, heartfelt and inspiring.


Meet Lily as she confronts her choices in the waiting room of an abortion clinic


Energetic, bold, entertaining and fun!


Be careful what you wish for… an unflinching examination of suicide

Frank Carson – A Rebel Without a Pause

That’s a cracker. It’s the way he told ‘em.

Frankie Vah

Moving, fast paced and riveting - a cautionary tale of pride and fall.

It’s No Job for a Nice Jewish Girl

A debut solo show exploring the drive to fit in, with a bit about being a pop star.

Jenny Bede: Eggtime

"Fast-paced, full-on and painfully funny"

Knock, Knock

Niv Petel’s physical solo uses a unique point of view to draw back the thick curtain of politics in the Middle East.


A character comedy carousel from chameleon woman-host LadyFace, AKA Lucy Farrett


An exuberant exploration of female exploitation in Hollywood


Brave, honest autobiographical piece about mental health

Michael Brandon – Off-Ramps

A well-told insight into a life in Hollywood

Mikelangelo: Cave-Waits-Cohen

"It fills our hearts with the songs we love sung by a man who transforms the lyrics into a personal love song to us all."

Moving On

Chris Kent , charming and surreal

One Romanian Asking Questions

A comedian’s comedian

Pike St.

Vulnerable and triumphant: theatre at its very heart

Prison Psychologist

A dark, intense and intimate story of love and tragedy. Worth getting up early for...


Absorbing and masterful storytelling; a poignant coming to terms with loss

Rightly or Wrongly, forBetter or Worse, the Fact is This is Tom Little

A wild ride of delicious word-play and storytelling from this instantly endearing comedian

Shell Shock

And astounding performance in both a measured and frantic performance that brings PTSD from Tommy's living room into your conscience.

Show Me The Money

A compelling take on what it means to be a professional artist.

Show Up

"Improvised Comedy at its very best"


Powerful insights into the world of eating disorders

The Conscious Uncoupling

Weaving comedy memoir and love letters in a story about breaking up

The Gardener

Poignant storytelling. With biscuits.

The House

Enter the unique world of Jane’s dark comedy characters – five characters who are once again inspired by her roots in The Lakes

The Science of Cringe

Picture a Venn diagram where behavioural science, character comedy and storytelling are intersecting the hell out of each other.

The Testament of Mary

A powerful and challenging reimagining of a story you thought you knew.

The Time Machine

An excellently executed journey into the future

Wandering Bones

The true tale of an unpleasant 19th century Lothario and the murder of his unwitting wife.


Snappy writing and brilliant solo performance on the theme of digital technology


Powerful one woman show, with strong writing.