Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Éowyn Emerald and Dancers

Interesting choreography, very well danced to a variety of music.

Queer Words

Impactful, heartfelt and entertaining!


A Reversible world where nothing is as it seems

Sky Labyrinths

Beautiful, visceral and tantalizing dance and physical theatre!

SOWhEreTO Africa

This show is full of rhythm, dance and joy!

Sunshine Boy

A fascinating homage to the world of a true maverick and genius from one of Scotland’s own.

Taiwan Season: Bon 4 Bon

Fascinating story told through inspired choreography!

Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart

Mesmerizing, this is fine work, fine dance, fine visual storytelling!

The Artist

Entertaining, creative, theatrical, very well performed!


Creative and moving - performed with excellent dance quality.