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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

50 Words

Gentle but effective two-hander about a mum’s death and a stepdad’s steep learning curve, through the eyes of an autistic teenager

A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego

Passion and pace from the whirlwind that is Melanie Jordan

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

A wonderfully anarchic run through some of the very things that shocked us in the seventies musically before celebrity culture but when we had real celebrities

A Sherlock Holmes Mystery: The Baker Street Irregulars and the case of the Stolen Portrait

A charming and enthusiastic young person’s company tell their tale of detection with flair.

Absolutely Reliable!

Deliciously dark, mask-based theatre

All of Me

An outstanding show looking at depression and recovery

Appropriate by Sarah-Jane Scott

The erratic path of true love: A simple tale told at a cracking pace with depth, style, and biting wit.

Art Heist

An entertaining production from a young cast with a lot of energy

Best Girl

Sparse lyrical writing and a beautifully nuanced performance from a mother and daughter team

Black and White Tea Room

A clever piece of writing, nicely realised and quietly unsettling.

Bleeding Black

Rugby is not a sport. It’s a religion, a way of life. Just ask any Kiwi.

Blind Date

An evening of surprises and laughter


Visually arresting puppetry work slightly lacking narrative drive.

Breakfast Plays – Mooning

An exhilarating read through of a play with a surprising ending and hopefully a predictable time for full performance.

Bumper Blyton

A superior example of improvised nonsense and mayhem set at a time when things were more hidden and inuendo more obvious.


An unflinching and poetic call to action.

Connie Wookey: Denied

A thoroughly enjoyable show

Daphne, or Hellfire

Environmental, feminist retelling of Greek myth

Dead Parent’s Society

A self help group for those in bereavement that struggles but tries to do its best in explain why it’s necessary

Devil of Choice

A measured and nuanced exploration of how relationships get threatened from within and without.


A fiercely personal theatrical creation


A bold telling of an interesting story


Bawdy ballads and badinage from a master of lute and linguistics

Everything I See I Swallow

Provocative visuals and topic, creative and well-performed play


Facebook chutzpah, youthful exuberance and a superior take on how to deal with data thieves.

Fake News

A Skilled and Impactful Piece of Storytelling Theatre

Fempire: Mess

delightfully madcap

Fix Us

In yer face comedy from a lively trio of Disabled performers

Flo & Joan : Before the screaming starts

Following their Sell Out 2018 run Flo & Joan are back and better than ever.


A poignant and wry look at lonely new mum challenges in 2019 Britain


Vibrant entertaining show with a fascinating international cast of skilled characters!


Energetic cast, provocative story with puppetry

Genesis: The Mary Shelley Play

An atmospheric telling of a story about a story

Gilgamesh and Me

A breathtaking ensemble physical piece full of inventiveness and heart

Great Grimm Tales

A beautifully made and entertaining show of physical storytelling.

Green and Blue

A shout out to our shared humanity that transcends borders

Heroin(e) for breakfast

Outstanding ten years ago, outstanding again in this new production

Hitman And Her

Engaging and funny piece of theatre, performed by a talented company

Hold On, Let Go

A fragmentary play that picks at the nature of memory and forgetting

How to Save a Life

A beautiful show that will make you want to laugh, cry, dance and ponder all within sixty minutes!

I’m A Phoenix, Bitch

Guy Masterson finds the perfect show...

Knock Knock

A no-nonsense fairy tale with a twist brought to life with dance and physical theatre, accessible to d/Deaf and hearing audiences.

Ladies Who Lunch

Secrets emerge over the Prosecco and scones

Last Life: A Shakespeare Play

A reassembling of Shakespeare's words into a delightful duet

Leave a Message

A witty exploration of a difficult personal experience

Madame Ovary

A raw yet uplifting piece of storytelling

Mandy Picks a Husband

A hilarious tale, with a heart of raw emotion that challenges and moves

Manual Cinema’s Frankenstein

A feat of imagination and skill that should not be missed.


An admirable attempt at showing us the effects of mental ill health on young people


A sweet gentle show about encouraging difference for Deaf and hearing children, and older family members too

Moot Moot

Expect the unexpected...


Visceral performance of heartbreak from an exciting theatre maker

My Love Lies Frozen In The Ice

A visual feast of physical theatre, gorgeous stagecraft, clowning and puppetry


Uncomfortable confrontation with a murderess.

Noise Boys

An hour of high energy rhythm from fabulous beatboxers and tap dancers


Poignant tale about growing up.


A new play about finding your flock in a world that doesn't seem to care


A consummately delivered theatrical take on an important area of psychotherapy.

Piano Play

Sublime playing combines with a surreal story

Pizza Shop Heroes

Celebratory, authentic, necessary


Hard hitting theatre for adults, exploring addiction in stunning new play from award winning playwright.

Predictably Irrational

engaging, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable

Puppet King Richard II

An artisan adaption full of wit and charm

Ricky Riddlegang and the Riddle Gang

A Madcap Hour of Twisted and Twisty Comedy Drama

Romeo and Juliet – One Man Musical

A bravura and daring interpretation of this Shakespeare classic

Ryan Lane Will Be There Now in a Minute

Zany with a moving subtext - deliciously bonkers!

Scottee: Fat Blokes

Transformational physical theatre that challenges and moves

Seasoned Professionals

A proper dose of light hearted fun delivered with tremendous panache

Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum with Expats

Entertaining, anarchic, informative, moving and provocative!

Sherlock Holmes and the Conundrum of Arthur Conan Doyle

A decent fist of making the improbable, understandable.

Square Go

Hugely entertaining theatre.

Stand-Up Poet

Poetry that packs a punch

Swallow the Sea Caravan Theatre

Imaginative immersive visual theatre with puppetry


A chilling glimpse into the world of a little known but influential woman from the Nazi era.

Taiwan Season: Fish

An understated story about a much desired fish.

That Bastard Brecht

Relevant, energetic, mesmerising

The Burning

A tale of persecution and rage with much to admire

The Castle

Well-rehearsed ensemble, mysterious Kafka story

The Grandmothers Grimm

If story and gender intrigue this is well worth a bedtime visit.

The Gray Cat and the Flounder

"will appeal to all ages"

The Sensemaker

A deeply affecting physical theatre piece that addresses our relationship with technology

The Trojans

Profound, arresting, moving

The Voices We Hear

A moving and intimate exploration of life and connection after an apocalypse in a unique zero waste venue


Entertaining, meaningful storytelling with superb innovative shadow play!

Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch

a stunning 70 minutes of a romp through a traditional fairy tale, but with very edgy presentation.

We Apologise For The Inconvenience

A funny and enlightening insight into one of the great authors of the last century

Westminster Hour Part 1 and Part 2

Labyrinthine plots with more twists and turns than the route map for Brexit.

White Girls

An innovative and original insight into volunteering in the jungle of Calais and how naivete turns through experience into knowledge; a journey we all benefit from.

Wild Swimming

A charmingly wild piece of feminist theatre.

Wild Unfeeling World

A clever and lyrical retelling of Moby DIck that warms the heart

Wireless Operator

A moving narrative about a member of bomber command facing harsh physical and mental challenges

With Child

Claire Pointing expertly performs 6 talking heads characters who are all visibly pregnant; but only one refers to their pregnancy and impending motherhood.