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Fringe Online 2020

15 Heroines: 15 Monologues Adapted from Ovid

Groundbreaking. The smallest producing theatre in the West End through lockdown has become the largest.

A Kiss From Back Home

A solo performance that brings effectively to the stage the soulful disappointment of a lost relationship.


A subtle and highly effective reawakening of a woman who always was.


A very impressive self filmed and performed allegory of the threat posed by those who try to invade our gardens and rule the roost.


A desperate portrait of the strain of the absence from a mother of her child during the pandemic.

Just Like Giving Blood

Upton’s notches of logic are nudged with brilliance, the actual narrative a granular run-up to an enormous yes.


A series of exploratory monologues that really make you think about the value of gender

Rebus: The Lockdown Blues

A complex and impressive study of one iconic literary figure dealing with an iconoclastic time in his kitchen.