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A bisexual Fleabag for 2024? It’s more than that

Banging Denmark

This production’s 100 minutes are so absorbing you’re not quite sure if the time’s stopped, or just your preconceptions. Stunning, a must see.

Boys on the Verge of Tears

It’s an exciting, fragile world Sam Grabiner’s promised us in the future.


Cranford’s gone Wild West, via the Court and RSC. Cowbois is of course daft. But it’s magnificent in its silliness, contains wonderful – and truthful – moments. Deadly serious can have you rolling in the aisles and still jump up for the revolution.

F**king Men

A must-see.


Scorching script, outstanding acting, particularly by Richards, a must-see.

Northanger Abbey

We should fall in love right here. A joyous must-see.

Turning the Screw

This six-hander is a 90-minute announcement of a major talent. An almost flawless play.