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FringeReview UK 2022

A Doll’s House Part 2

The best Part 2 we can imagine.

Hakawatis Women of the Arabian Nights

Original, bawdy, exploratory, seductive and elegaic in equal measure. A Faberge egg, continually hatching.

Henry VIII

A wonderful score and musicians, above all Bea Segura’s titanic act of shrivelling, make this a must-see.

House of Shades

There’ll be nothing more blazing or relevant on the London stage this year.

I, Joan

The title role goes to Isobel Thom, making their professional debut: the greatest I’ve ever seen.

Love All

Another first-rank revival from JST, specialists in rediscoveries: a fitting end to Tom Littler’s tenure.

Marys Seacole

No simple swapping of heirs and originals, but a dream of the future by Seacole, or equally present dreams raking the past. Do see this.

The Anarchist

A firecracker of a first play. Expect Molotovs.