San Francisco Fringe

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San Francisco Fringe 2019


This is what fringe is all about - expect the unexpected!

Get Uncomfortable

Provocative poetic performance, raw, gripping, beautiful, moving and visceral.

Grief is Horny

Spirited, imaginative, well performed and well crafted storytelling!

Hi. (Jean-Luc Godard)

Curious theatrical clown character, gently disarming and imaginative!

HICK: A Love Story, Based on Eleanor Roosevelt’s Letters to Lorena Hickok

Enthralling play, vivid, romantic, well crafted and performed

I Favor My Daddy

Finessed crafted solo show, masterful performance!

My Will & My Life

Poignant play, moving, relatable and fascinating insight into a meaningful friendship.

That’s Not How It Happened

Charismatic performer, entertaining, comedic and moving!

The Magic of Ryan Kane

This show is very entertaining, well performed - and will wow you!

The Readiness Is All: A Solo Hamlet

Inspired, engrossing, creative, imaginative, and well performed!

The Thousandth Night

Entertaining physical storytelling with a powerful and meaningful message

Too Soon?

Topical themes!

You’re Good for Nothing…I’ll Milk the Cow Myself

Poignant, meaningful, vibrant and entertaining!