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Celebrating social and cultural diversity

“Hastings Fringe develops fledgling and emerging talent and brings new work to diverse audiences. We use mainly non-traditional venues, bringing art into the community and challenging performers to create art in unusual spaces Artists gather feedback from audiences to enhance their artistic practice. We celebrate social and cultural diversity by offering a platform to developing artists from LGBTQ+, disabled, and black and ethnic minority communities. This has included poets, actors, and musicians.”

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I want to see … at Hastings Fringe

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I want to see…

… something quirky, fun and Doctor-Who-ish. Then see Daisy ‘The Doctor’ Danger Presents It’s About Time

… an evening of burlesque, singing, comedy, bump & grind, circus, cheesecake & gorlesque – a taster of tantalising events to come in Hastings. Then see Cherry Dance presents Cabaret Cerises

… some aerial performance. Then see Sparkly Bird

… some spoken word. Then see Perspectives

… a songwriter, artist, writer and Philosophy & Literature graduate who reckons she knows how the Universe works. Then see How the Universe Works

… creative monologues on change in adversity, portraying changing faces in life, by writers from the East Sussex Recovery Alliance (ESRA) Creative Writing Group. Then see Changing Faces

… an evening of stories of the daring deeds, passion, joy and quiet wisdom and of the pain and wonder of being Woman. Then see Wild Moon Rising

…  a fun evening of songs, rubber ducky raffle and all things fishy.. Then see Shirley the Middle-Aged Siren

… usic and monologues: bittersweet observations on love, life and relationships. Then see Love Bites

… a solo show: “Adam Morrison Jones was a man with a dream it wasn’t to be a entertainer in UK holiday parks but hey. Spend a evening with Adam as he relives the adventure of 13 years of Bingo and Agadoo and z list celebrities.” Then see Adam Morrison Jones – Entertainer

… a story of return and reconciliation. Then see I, AmDram

… delightfully humorous & satirical verses from New York’s Jazz Age into a one-person show.. Then see The Life and Rhymes of Archy and Mehitabel (21st to 23rd July)

… a  life-affirming play that meets the taboos surrounding mental illness head-on, and is an antidote to the fear and misunderstanding surrounding psychosis and mental illness. Then see My Life Closed Twice

… some theatre, a savage black comedy that follows the unravelling of a bizarre ménage a trois. Then see Polyamory (26th-28th July)

… live spoken word – a “unique opportunity to experience the kinetic vibes of London’s most original and influential spoken word event.” Then see FLO Vortex

… a performance that portrays a world where people trick and steal each other’s precious time. then see Pablo in July

… an afternoon of short films. Then see Film Shorts

… some afternoon theatre – two short plays. Then see Kiss Off / Proxy (28th to 30th July)

… an evening variety show – Sketches, songs, poems, comedy and works in progress by talented local team of writer/performers. Then see A Bottle of Hastings

We’ll be updating this page during the Fringe.