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3rd – 19th May 2019 – Now Over for 2019

Welcome to our coverage of Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2019.

Wandsworth Fringe is still a relatively new fringe and has grown significantly this year.  It is is also known more officially now as Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

“Wandsworth Arts Fringe (WAF) is an exciting, vibrant, annual showcase of creative activity taking place across the borough of Wandsworth each May.”

Listen to our interview with Lelia Greci about Wandsworth Fringe

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I want to see… at Wandsworth Arts Fringe


Our intelligent and intuitive way to find a show or event at Wandsworth Arts Fringe. All of the shows below are recommended by us.

I want to see…

… a surreal clown theatre show. Then see Just Don’t Do It

… a contemporary ballet and capoeira fusion, a dynamic show of multi-art performance. Then see Pursue Me and Other Stories

… some unique spoken word in a unique venue. Then see WAF Big Red Poetry Tour (Battersea)

… some modern ballet dance. Then see Journeying Between

… some slolo character theatre. Then see Mouths in a Glass

… a debut play, inspired by real women’s stories and their experiences with symphysiotomy (a barbaric birth delivery method). then see A Life Sentence

… a show that discusses the complexity of identity and difference through our shared human experiences. Then see Evening Conversations

… a one-woman character comedy created from the characters we meet online.  Then see Google Me

… an  intimate performance with spoken word, choreography and wrap-around video. Then see Deathbed Skiing

… an evening of performance, interactive workshops and exhibition celebrating art produced in local barbershops, salons and cafés. Then see Switch Arts Performance

…. some bouffon clown – a one-man show looking at human complexity, humour, vulnerability, pain and defiance. Then see Sonder

… short plays from an Irish theatre company that give ‘faces’ to some of those journeys, telling the stories of why people left their native land to come to England. Then see Shows from the Songs of Ireland

… some theatre, a fast-paced comedy about the interview process and the struggle to prove one’s worth. Then see Not Quite

… a high-octane fusion of dance, music and circus by one of UK’s leading outdoor arts companies. Then see Cirque Bijou

… a new one-woman play written by an award-winning poet, which combines spoken word, physical theatre, stand-up comedy and a thumping festival-driven soundtrack. Then see Honeybee

… a family puppet show. then see Look up!

… a solo theatre piece. Then see Keys

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Link Collage

Here’s a different way to find a show at Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

We’ve chosen a few intriguing images from the programme that grabbed us.

Click on an image that draws you and you’ll find a show – then get booking…

A dark ballroom, a wooden table and patterned rug in centre. A man in a suit and person in a dress sitting besides table. Mouths In A Glass The image is of a lump of uncooked bread dough being stretched into a mouth by two hands which are not fully in shot.

writing our future worlds 

A glass jar with three beds floating inside 

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Keyword Chaos

An Image of Gillian sat in an armchair with Shakespeare looking over her shoulder.

Another way to find a show to see at a Fringe Festival is to trust your intuition. Each event offers a description with some unique and curiosity-arousing phrases. Here are a few from the Wandsworth programme. Simply go with your gut feel, click on a phrase and you’ll be taken to a show that might be the next one you should book…

Armed with only a ginger beer and a packet of mustard crisps, and with no experience addressing audiences, Stuart must deliver the story of his own life in someone else’s words. In this play within a play, the lines between fiction and reality become blurred as Stuart struggles to complete his performance, battling with a neurotic mother and his own demons.

And the even older days where we worried about the plague, wore massive wigs and women weren’t allowed to be on stage anyway.

Partake in the combined power of Spirit and Pulse as you are guided through an engaging, effortless experience of embodied trance.

With their fingers crossed, a strong handshake and uncomfortable footwear, these two will overcome every setback to get onto the career ladder.

So look deep into your soul as someone else Blinks. Bathe in the music from our ancient Singing Bowls. You will never think of death in the same way again. Since truly, this is Ultimate Living.

Based on a series of interviews with leading experts in and on the NHS and residencies in hospitals and surgeries, Mark Thomas working with director Nicolas Kent, uses his own demise to explore the state we’re in. What’s going right, what’s going wrong and how does it get better?

We ain’t latchkey kids because they can’t afford to get extra keys cut, Mum and Dad say we leave the doors open as we’ve got good neighbours. We haven’t got anything worth nicking anyway.

It is about addiction and affection, curiosity and care. It is about what we choose to comfort us and where we find it. It is almost ready.

A blistering analysis of media distortion sits alongside an incarcerated teens nightmare as an Angel attempts to fix the hearts of two highly privileged and murderous young men.

A wonky mirror held up to humanity. A brutal, hilarious, dark, grotesque truth.

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.