Edinburgh Fringe Online 2020

2020 Fringe listings

Welcome to our coverage of a very different Edinburgh Fringe for 2020.

In the midst of the strange times we find ourselves with and a cancelled physicial world version of the world’s largest arts festival, Edfringe has ported online, hopefully just for this year, though we suspect there will be a mch more significant number of shows online as part of Edfringe going into the future, along side the physical world offerings.

Many shows will be live streamed, others recorded and available to watch at any time.

Here you will find recommendations, previews and interviews throughout August.

View the Edfringe online programme here.

Here is the Fringe pick’n mix page.

I want to see at the Edinburgh Fringe Online

Brian Kennedy Live From Dublin

Here is our growing list of recommendations for this very ‘special’ Fringe…

… a Shakespeare-inspired comedy. Then see Waiting for Hamlet

… some spoken word, .a Dada surrealist inspired show. Then see Dada Gaga Bowie & Pop

… a mix of standup that was planned for Edfringe 2020. Then see Comedy in the Meantime at The Fringe

… a WWII radio play. Then see Wingmen: the Radio Play

… a comedy show for kids. Then see Show Up, Kids! Online LIVE!

… one of Ireland’s most inspired and revered ambassadors of music. Then see Brian Kennedy Live From Dublin

… driving rhythm and virtuosic  music. Then see The Music of Django Reinhardt

Keyword Chaos at the Edinburgh Fringe

This is our quirky way to find something to see at Edfringe Online. We have trawled the programme and extracted the phrases that are most intriguing. Click on the phrase that draws you in and perhaps that is the show to see…

Sam See: Jack of the Road

Sheila’s dessert trolley, laden with pavlova, creme caramel, mocha chocolate roll, mulberry pie, bowls of chocolate mousse and long stemmed glasses filled with strawberry Romanoff, was famous throughout the region.

Out of his 183 stories, you’ll hear 8 of your choice, in a show where no two performances are the same

…capture the confusing, awkward and naive time of adolescence. The time when the once simple beliefs you held dear now need re-adjusting to face the of adulthood.

We’ll be adding more recommendationa during August.