Shakespeare at Brighton Fringe

To be honest there used to be a lot more Shakespeare at Brighton Fringe. At least a couple of Tempests and a handful of Twelfth Nights, in a park or two, somewhere site specific and often a few straight classic renditions. Not so this this year and I wonder why? Have we tired of the Bard or has it all become so plundered by touring companies that local companies are looking beyond at other work? Who knows.

But there is a little bit and here are our tips.

Pericles is the only direct rendition of a Shakespeare at this year’s Fringe. Award-Winning Flute Theatre, led by Artistic Director Kelly Hunter bring this version to Caravanserai. “Kelly Hunter’s adaptation breathes new life into Shakespeare’s least known play. With a multilingual cast onstage throughout; using live music, dance and emotional heartbreak the company conjures storms, kidnaps and resurrections. Shakespeare’s story of love, loss and miraculous reunions, makes this beautiful romantic play a timely experience for all audiences in our modern world.”

There is also a performance for autistic individuals.

Gratiano at the Rotunda Theatre has been well recommended by FringeReview at the Edinburgh Fringe. “Bassanio has been murdered and, under suspicion, Gratiano is forced to revisit his Fascist past. He was never the hero – just a minor character, the plucky comic relief – but he never thought he played the villain. Set in post-war Italy this thought-provoking sequel to Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice explores the politics of prejudice in the modern age. From the team behind Edfringe Sell-out The Unknown Soldier.”

For a comedic take on the Bard, Impromptu Shakespeare at BOAT (Brighton Open Air Theatre) improvises a new play every night. ” And this outdoor theatre space has to be the perfect venue. As usual, check the weather and bring a cushion.

With story and verse improvised in the moment, enjoy a riotous new Shakespeare play every time – performed by a whip-smart cast. Packed with priceless wit, lyrical smarts, romance, and double-crossing, this leading ensemble do the Bard proud with a new one-act hit every time, inspired by audience suggestions. Impromptu Shakespeare has been a hit at Edinburgh Fringe, Bristol Shakespeare Festival, and appeared on BBC Shakespeare Live.”

Finally a solo piece called A Spaniard’s Guide to Shakespeare plays at the relaxed Presuming Ed’s. We know little about this show so here is the blurb and you can decide for yourself: “Ever wondered what would happen if Alejandro De La Vega aka Zorro decided to become a Shakespearean actor at the Globe in London? Well, imagine if his son decided to do a show acting out all of Shakespeare’s plays in Spanish – but without knowing any Spanish..”

And that’s it! If we discover any more we’ll let you know.