Improvised Theatre at Brighton Fringe

 The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In  Off the Cuff's Chaotic Biopic  The Maydays present: Happily Never After

If you are thinking “Whose Line is it Anyway”, the Channel 4 improv TV comedy game show that is still improv-ing on to this day, then you are usually well served at Fringe Festivals. From the usual audience suggestion format for a range of scenes, stories, songs and so on performed unscripted before you eyes, the field has diversified and somewhat deepened. Anyway, there’s plenty of this stuff on offer at Brighton Fringe 2019.

You can also dig a bit deeper (as we have) and find other forms of improvised theatre on offer that are part of different improvisation traditions. Long-form improvisation stretches one story or scenario to sometimes an hour or more, and there are also improvised musicals and improvised novels (some with or without audience suggestions.

So, what do you want to see?

Here are a few suggestions. We’ll be adding more during the Fringe.

I want to see…

Coming soon for 2020.

Check back during the Fringe for more recommendations.

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