My Bumpy Road to The Fringe

Hi. I’m Lori Hamilton, writer and actor currently living in New York City.

Between now and August, I’m planning to do a regular blog about the challenges of bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe (I’m also doing online performances for the Brighton Fringe) from the USA in 2021. You’ll hear about recording during Covid, how my cats helped (not much, but they wanted me include this) and the various trials and triumphs – from broken prop suitcases to a sprained ankle and dozens of online shows to prepare me for my big moment at Edinburgh Fringe.

Lori Hamilton is bringing North Star to Brighton and Edinburgh

My original plan was to come in 2020. “Ha!” said Covid. So I’ve been rehearsing since March 2020 in my one-bedroom apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. Voice lessons, choreography, music production all done via Zoom. Since I sing both opera and jazz in the show, my neighbours love me! (Ha, ha). Meanwhile, my two cats continue to supervise production and demand treats and access to the office bookshelves where they enjoy commenting on my latest rehearsal.

My show is North Star (what I listened to instead of my intuition). It starts when my mum nicknamed me “the child who ruined my life.” It set me on a path of trying to figure out how to be “good,” working hard but not following my intuition and gaining the wisdom that comes with making dozens of stupid mistakes. Then I wrote a one-woman show about it!

I hope you’ll join me as I map out the journey. So far it’s been full of surprises and laughs.

Looking forward to hearing your questions and comments along the way.