The bumpy road gets a bit longer

By Lori Hamilton

One thing about me is that I am persistent. SO PERSISTENT (aka stubborn, hard-headed, etc.). Given a problem, I am 100% sure that I can find a solution.  When obstacles arise, I set about pulling out my fix-it tools and get to work. Ha ha! My confidence abounds!

I like this about myself and talk about it in the show, but it can lead to a level of persistence that borders on crazy, even futile.

Thus, I am heartbroken to report that despite my “can do” attitude, there is a level of obstacle that is beyond my ability to conquer when it comes to the Edinburgh Fringe. Sadly, even my “all in” approach is not enough to overcome these obstacles.  As a result, I’ve had to drop out of the 2021 Fringe. 🙁

Covid! You rat!

I remain hopeful that there IS a solution and a way forward for the show, and I thank you for listening and reading about my adventures. Trust that the journey is not ended, even if the road is a bit longer.  I am grateful for all that I have learned and done thus far in the journey.

As promised, I have donated the registration fee from 2020 back to TheSpaceUK as a token of my appreciation for all that we’ve done together in the past 18 months  I’ve also made a donation to The Edinburgh Fringe to keep things going for next year.

I look forward to revisiting with you all again in the future.  For now, time to regroup and plan my next adventure.

Wishing you all every happiness, success and good health!