FIve Theatre Shows not to be missed at Camden Fringe

With Camden Fringe underway here are five shows we think you shouldn’t miss at Camden Fringe. Camden Fringe is brimming with new work, experiment and creativity and of course quality. So, there is too much to choose from in the best possible way. Here are five to keep you going…

For “”Edgy, adventurous, exciting work.” (FringeReview) you should see A Caravan Named Desire. “A Caravan Named Desire is a one-hour show exploring desire and sex work in the UK through interactive performances.”

Nalini Theatre Company’s Woman. Life. Freedom is “a nuanced piece of writing that makes it clear that wearing a hijab should be a woman’s choice and not imposed upon her” – Everything Theatre. Through humor mixed with engaging writing, topics approached in ‘Woman. Life. Freedom’ such as anger toward the patriarchy and balancing responsibility with personal truth are held, understood and given space to breathe. …This piece was made to spark discussions around Muslim women and the politicisation of their freedoms in a global context. Every part of this play was created by people belonging to the Global Majority, and their voices were centered throughout. The story in Woman. Life. Freedom, although fictitious, is based on the reality of many British Muslim Women”.

Next we have The Emperor’s New Clothes. “Following a sellout run at the Bread & Roses Theatre, this tongue-in-cheek adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes brings a familiar tale of ego and deception to the 21st century. Featuring larger-than-life characters, a feel-good soundtrack and lots of silly jokes, delve into the dark side of fashion and the lengths people will go to stay in the limelight!”.

Award-winning Fagin’s Last Hour focuses on DIckens’ iconic character from Oliver Twist. “Told from the point of view of Fagin the Miser, one hour before his execution, this unique and powerful one-man show offers a fresh insight into literature’s most controversial villain.”

Our fifth choice is The Devil’s Passion. “Against a contemporary Middle East “War on Terror” backdrop, an audacious hell’s-eye view of the Passion of Christ from Justin Butcher (Scaramouche Jones) directed by OIivier Award-winner Guy Masterson (Morecambe, The Shark is Broken).”

There is a lot of theatre choice on offer at this year’s Camden Fringe but these five should get you started.