Here are some of Joe’s “MUST SEE COMEDY SHOWS” at this year’s Camden Fringe

Here is a list of some of the top comedy on at Camden Fringe. There is a lot of good stuff on, with many rising stars and a load of work-in-progress shows. This gives Camden Fringe comedy an exciting sense of energy, life and vitality. So, why not live dangerously? Go and see the next show on, whatever it is; there is a good chance you will strike some comedy gold. Anyway, here is a starter list of recommended comedy. You can buy tickets for all these shows at  

Paul F Taylor: Head in the Clouds at the Camden Comedy Club.

I first saw Paul at the Edinburgh Fringe, playing in a sold-out room; he was sensational. Not your standard comic, he specialises in the surreal and the absurd. A joy to watch. If you’re prepared to be surprised, this is one for you.

Darren Walsh: 3rd Rock from the Pun at Aces and Eights

A quick-witted punmiester, with more than enough one-liners to fill an hour. If you like lots of short sharp jokes, Darren is one to see.

Sian Hutchinson: Tick my Box at the Camden Comedy Club

Highly energetic and clever character comedy. Sian brings hope, joy, laughter, smart observation and a touch of existential angst to this award-winning show.

Lew Fitz: Sit Down Straight When You Are Talking To Me at the Camden Comedy Club

Highly talented up-and-comer. I was lucky to see Lew when he deservedly won the Amused Moose Best Newcomer Award. It was clear that he has bags of potential, one to see before the ticket prices go sky-high.

Adam Larter: *Cricket Noises* at the  Museum of Comedy

Off the wall, a master of the surreal and the absurd. One reviewer described the show as “One of the most stupidly brilliant things you’ll see this fringe.” (Fest). I can’t think of a better reason to go and see a comedy show.

Horrigan and Howell: Two’s a Crowd at The Hope Theatre

Time to add a sketch show to the list. Horrigan and Howell combine acting and comedy to mix up satire, wordplay, and nonsense in a quick-fire sketch show.

Alfie Packham: My Gift to You at the Camden Comedy Club

Observational comedy with a gag count and some delightful storytelling. Sometimes, life is funny.

Thanyia Moore: August at the Camden Comedy Club

Thanyia holds your attention right from the start; she is confident, direct and smooth. The set-up starts with simple events and cleverly works in cultural, race and identity themes. Thanyia is a clever comic with a real talent for stand-up; well worth watching.

There you, my starter list of shows to see at Camden. Keep laughing.